Lakers have new intriguing trade target to gamble on thanks to Western foe

Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers
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The Los Angeles Lakers have started to crater after winning the In-Season Tournament and outside of a potential head coaching change, the Lakers are going to have to make changes. This roster is not as cohesive as fans thought it would be and some fresh blood could be really beneficial for the Lake Show.

Luckily, the Lakers are not saddled with a massive contract for a former MVP like they were a year ago. The team has tradeable contracts and can make a myriad of moves to adjust the roster as the front office deems fit. It could be one big move, or it could be a string of smaller moves that reshape the roster.

The team could go for experienced veterans who can be a consistent force in the rotation or the Lakers could opt for younger talent with the hopes to unlock them. Los Angeles has a great track record of getting the most out of young players, so that route certainly is feasible.

If the Lakers do decide to go that route, there is a new name on the trade market that did not seem available prior to the new year. Former seventh-overall pick Jonathan Kuminga is growing frustrated with his role on the Golden State Warriors and a trade might be imminent.

A Jonathan Kuminga trade would be a smart gamble for the Lakers to take

Things are not going well in the Bay Area right now. If Shams Charania is getting enough intel to report on Kuminga's frustrations then it is just a matter of time until he is dealt. This is very intentional and is Kuminga's way of getting out.

Kuminga has had an up-and-down career with the Warriors thus far as he has never truly realized his potential. There have been some very promising flashes out of Kuminga but those flashes have not been consistent. With so much veteran talent ahead of him, this has hurt Kuminga's place in the rotation.

That hurts Kuminga's trade value and makes him more accessible to trade for as a result. Granted, there is the risk of Kuminga not realizing his potential on a new team, but the young forward may just need a change of scenery. If any team can unlock Kuminga, it is the Lakers.

A trade package for Kuminga would not be very hard to work out. If his value is at the bottom end of the range then the Lakers could likely acquire him for expiring contracts and a string of second-round picks. Essentially, the Lakers could repeat the Rui Hachimura trade from a year ago.

If his value is near the top of the range then the team would likely have to trade an expiring contract with Jalen Hood-Schifino. But even then, a package of JHS and Jaxson Hayes is the absolute most the Warriors would be able to ask for.

Golden State might be more likely to take a package of Taurean Prince, Jaxson Hayes and 2-3 future second-round picks that way the team can get rotation players in return. And for the Lakers, the team would flip half a season of a disappointing Prince for a year and a half of a former lottery player with higher potential.

Even though his shooting has improved, this team is not winning the title if Prince is starting and playing over 30 minutes a game. Sometimes you have to take a swing in the NBA and Kuminga would be a smart swing for the Lakers to take.

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