3 guards the Lakers can trade for instead of Dejounte Murray

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Dejounte Murray has been the biggest name connected to the Los Angeles Lakers as the NBA trade deadline approaches. However, for as much as Murray has been connected to the team, it does not look like a trade is actually going to happen.

The latest insider intel stopped a Murray trade dead in its tracks as the Lakers now have a little over a week to pivot and find another trade. While Murray might be off the table, the Lakers can still add a guard to the roster to bolster the rotation.

These guards might not be as good as Murray, but they still would make the Lakers a better team and improve LA's title odds this season.

3 guards the Lakers can trade for instead of Dejounte Murray:

1. Tyus Jones, Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards are one of the worst teams in the league and will be selling off any assets the team can as the deadline approaches. The most movable of those assets is Tyus Jones, who is on an expiring contract and is not part of Washington's future.

Jones would be a great third guard to add to the roster and would be a perfect sixth man to bring off the bench in the playoffs. Jones is a tad undersized but he is a serviceable defender when he is part of the right defensive scheme. He was an average-at-worst defender in Memphis and any defensive woes this season are a product of Washington's roster.

The 27-year-old is shooting 41% from three and has the perfect dynamic that the Lakers need in another point guard. Jones is someone who can facilitate and run the offense through, but he is not a point guard who must dominate the ball to be successful. Being able to succeed at both (like Rajon Rondo did for the team in 2020) is the key to success for a bench guard in LA.