3 guards the Lakers can trade for instead of Dejounte Murray

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2. Malcolm Brogdon, Portland Trail Blazers

Malcolm Brogdon is another prominent point guard who is on an expiring deal and plays for one of the worst teams in the league. The Portland Trail Blazers acquired Brogdon as part of the Jrue Holiday trade to Boston and there is no reason to keep him around past the deadline.

The Blazers are not going anywhere this season and Brogdon has no reason to re-sign after this season. Portland's best move is to continue milking the Damian Lillard trade, getting even more assets for trading half a season of Brogdon.

Initial reports indicate that Portland is looking for a first-round pick for Brogdon, which might be a bit too much for the Lakers to swing. However, if the Blazers are willing to take Jalen Hood-Schifino as that "first-round value" then a trade can start to build itself.

Los Angeles could package JHS with D'Angelo Russell and a pair of second-round picks to make the money work and potentially meet Portland's asking price. If that is not enough, Los Angeles could trade a first-round pick swap in 2028. If that still is not enough then the Lakers won't make the trade.

Brogdon is a better version of Jones in that he is a more consistent defender, can hit shots from beyond the arc, and can add another facilitator to the roster. Brogdon needs the ball more than Jones does to be successful but with Russell included in this trade, he will get the chance to run the offense more often than Jones would.

Brogdon can succeed more off the ball than Russell, is a better defender, and is more consistent. The absolute best version of Russell is as good if not better than Brogdon's best, but as we all know that doesn't show up in the playoffs often.