3 Lakers trade targets that are miles better than Zach LaVine

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Buddy Hield is a better Lakers trade target than Zach LaVine

For as long as he is shooting the basketball in the NBA Buddy Hield will be connected in some way to the Los Angeles Lakers. It looked like the Lakers were going to trade for him before the team made the Russell Westbrook deal. Then after that, Hield and Myles Turner were often mentioned as "the package" to trade Westbrook and picks for.

None of that ultimately happened but that does not mean that the Hield dream is dead. Hield is back in the trade rumors with the Pacers reportedly seeking a first-round pick and rotation player in exchange for the shooting guard's services.

Whether or not Indiana can get that kind of return is unclear. After all, Hield is on the last year of his contract and would essentially be a rental for whatever team is trading for him. While he is one of the best three-point shooters in the sport, he is not great defensively and that naturally limits his trade value.

Like with Brogdon, the Lakers have two different paths to take. If the Russell situation sours in LA then he could be packaged with Hood-Schifino and some second-round picks to get the deal done. Or the team could go the other way, packaging multiple players together with a first-round pick.

Hield does not have the star power that LaVine has but he would provide pretty much the same impact. The Lakers just need LaVine to be a third scorer that spaces the floor and that is exactly what Hield would do. Sure, LaVine's averages have been higher in his career, but he has also had a much higher usage rate. His usage rate wouldn't nearly be as high in LA and his numbers would dip.