Lakers' top trade targets at each position

Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls
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Lakers' top SG trade target: Alex Caruso

There was a lot of talk about Zach LaVine being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers but thankfully that has died down. A LaVine trade was never a good idea for the Lakers and as time has gone on it has only become more obvious how bad it would be.

LaVine simply does not play a winning style of basketball and he is on a massive contract. It is usually a pretty bad sign that a "star" only has four career playoff games in a league where over half of the teams make the playoffs every year. Add in the fact that the Bulls played better when LaVine was hurt and it is clear that he is not someone who a contending team should want.

Instead, the Lakers would be far better off targeting his Chicago Bulls teammate, Alex Caruso. Caruso is already a fan favorite in LA and bringing him home would be a great story. Not only would the fanbase welcome him with open arms but Caruso would add a much-needed dynamic to this Lakers offense.

Los Angeles desperately needs someone who can defend the perimeter and is also a guard. Darvin Ham has essentially been starting four power forwards in the lineup because of his obsession with defense (even when some of the defenders can't score). Caruso would help solve that issue.

Signing Caruso is the one good move that the Bulls have made in recent years so it might be unlikely to get Caruso. With other contending teams undoubtedly interested, the Lakers may not be willing to run up the price for a defensive-minded role player. But still, he would be a fantastic fit back in LA.