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Lakers' top C trade target: Kelly Olynyk

There are several centers that make sense as a potential trade target this season. Knowing the Lakers, they will make some kind of trade at the center position as it has been a revolving door over the last several years. Of all the potential options, Kelly Olynyk makes the most sense.

Olynyk checks several boxes that the Lakers should be interested in. The best trait that a big can have is the ability to play next to Anthony Davis and not hurt the overall floor-spacing of the team. Olynyk absolutely can play next to Davis, as he is one of the best shooting big men in the sport.

The 32-year-old is shooting exactly 40% from beyond the arc this season and it is not a mirage. Over the last two years, Olynyk is shooting 39.5% from beyond the arc in three attempts per game. On offense, he would allow Davis to still operate near the rim as he actually has to be respected from deep.

On defense, though, Olynyk can more than hold his own and is not someone who is going to get hunted on pick and rolls. Olynyk is by no means an elite defensive player, but he is serviceable and is a good defensive rebounder as well.

Olynyk would essentially give the Lakers the best version of Christian Wood on offense without all of the defensive headaches. In a weird way, Olynyk would be like if the Lakers could just combine the best parts of Wood and Jaxson Hayes.

The cost for Olynyk shouldn't be very high as he is on an expiring deal on a bad Utah Jazz team, which sweetens the deal even more for the purple and gold. Don't be surprised if the Lakers are confirmed to be in on Olynyk as the trade deadline gets closer.

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