10 realistic hypothetical trades that could happen for the Lakers

Bogdan Bogdanovic, Atlanta Hawks
Bogdan Bogdanovic, Atlanta Hawks / Mark Blinch/GettyImages
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D'Angelo Russell ($17.3 million) + Rui Hachimura ($15.7 million) + Jalen Hood-Schifino ($3.7 million) + 2028 (swap), 2030 1st Round Picks + 2027 2nd Round Pick for Trae Young ($40.1 million)

WHY THE LAKERS DO IT: Young may have recently inadvertently rekindled the flame in trade rumors connecting himself to the Lakers. With the Hawks stumbling in the standings and the Lakers preparing for life after LeBron, Young could make sense as a mega target for the front office to pair with Anthony Davis for the future.

WHY THE HAWKS DO IT: Things have not quite gone according to plan with the Trae Young-Dejounte Murray backcourt combination, and it may be time for the Hawks to pivot from that approach. With Murray having a much more team-friendly contract (and lowkey offering more on the floor) than his backcourt mate, Ice Trae could easily find himself a new home before the end of the season.

Russell could replace some of what he offers now, and Hood-Schifino could develop into his future replacement. The picks would obviously be nice as well, plus getting Hachimura would be big amidst the uncertainty tied to Saddiq Bey's impending free agency.

Rui Hachimura ($15.7 million) + Jaxson Hayes ($2.2 million) + 2029 1st Round Pick for Alex Caruso ($9.5 million) + Andre Drummond ($3.4 million) + Torrey Craig ($2.5 million)

WHY THE LAKERS DO IT: Caruso might be the cleanest fit for the Lakers' current roster in the entire association. Getting him back in the backcourt would be enormous, but would not patch up all of the Laker's problems.

One of the team's biggest weaknesses early on has been on the boards, an area in which Andre Drummond excels in. With the team in need of a burlier big to bang with the bruisers, Drummond would stand out as a prime candidate. Craig is a throw-in for salary matching purposes, but he has a strong resume of contributing to winning teams. He just went down with an injury that will keep him out for a few weeks, but his track record shows he can fit into a role surrounded by stars.

WHY THE BULLS DO IT: The Bulls should be seeking nothing less than a 1st round pick for Caruso, and here the team gets its wish on that front. If the Bulls do decide to have a fire sale, Hachimura would be a solid secondary scoring threat next to Coby White in a theoretical rebuild. The team would probably not win a ton of games with those two dominating the rock, but winning games would not be the highest priority at the onset.

Rui Hachimura ($15.7 million) + Jalen Hood-Schifino ($3.7 million) + 2029 1st Round Pick for Bojan Bogdanovic ($20 million)

WHY THE LAKERS DO IT: Bogdanovic has been linked to the Lakers for ages, and similar to Brogdon he would seem to be a perfect fit for the team. After missing a good chunk of time to start the season, his rapid return to form as a steady source of points was a reminder of how underrated this guy is.

WHY THE PISTONS DO IT: Similar to Caruso in Chicago, the reeling Pistons should be looking for at least a 1st round pick in return for their beloved Bogdanovic. They would surely love to keep the Croatian around, but it only makes sense for them to do right by the 34-year-old in getting him to a contender. Detroit not only gets a first in this proposal, but it also gets a chance to experiment with the 25-year-old Hachimura's fit in their rebuild.

Rui Hachimura ($15.7 million) + Maxwell Lewis ($1.1 million) + 2029 1st Round Pick for Bogdan Bogdanovic ($18.7 million)

WHY THE LAKERS DO IT: Not to be mistaken for Bojan in Detroit, the previously noted situation in Atlanta should also breed heavy interest in Serbian swingman Bogdan Bogdanovic. He is currently averaging a career-high in scoring average while offering his typical sizzling outside shooting. First priority in any deal involving the 6'6" wing would be a 1st round pick, and in addition to Hachimura, the Lakers could toss in another young prospect in Lewis to sweeten the pot.

WHY THE HAWKS DO IT: We touched earlier on the Saddiq Bey contract dilemma, which could be resolved with the acquisition of Hachimura. A distant Lakers 1st rounder in the post-LeBron era could be worth something someday, and Lewis might turn out to be better than expected on the wing.