LeBron James is already throwing Lakers under the bus with post-game comments

Los Angeles Lakers v Philadelphia 76ers
Los Angeles Lakers v Philadelphia 76ers / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers were handed one of the worst losses in franchise history on Monday night as the Philadelphia 76ers walloped the Lake Show by 44 points. The loss was so bad that it caused many fans to reach a breaking point and call for the team to move on from Darvin Ham as head coach.

Every loss counts the same in the record books but this loss stung more for obvious reasons. Not only were the Lakers blown out of the building, but they were blown out by another team that is considered to be a title hopeful. The 76ers and Lakers are peers and Los Angeles shouldn't be losing in this fashion in a game as ugly as Monday night's.

The loss obviously did not sit well with LeBron James, who scored 18 points in 30 minutes. LeBron was asked after the game if the team should flush a loss like this, or if it should use it as motivation moving forward. LeBron's response was an interesting one, telling reporters that he could only speak for himself.

LeBron James' post-game comments should sound the alarm bells for the Lakers

LeBron James is someone who is very intentional with the things that he says to the media. He has made a career out of sending messages to his team and his teammates alike through reporters with responses like this. Knowing LeBron's past, it is safe to say that there is some kind of message that he is trying to send.

Not to mention the fact that LeBron has historically been in the "flush it" camp. Countless times in the past he has taken that stance when his teams suffer an ugly loss. Not this time. The most lopsided loss in LeBron's career obviously changed his perspective.

LeBron also said after the game that "a lot" needs to change and that the Lakers have to play better. With fellow Klutch Sports client Zach LaVine firmly in the trade rumor mill, this could be subtle messaging from LeBron to the front office to make some kind of roster change.

Regardless, it did not take long for LeBron to go to his oldest trick in the book and shine the spotlight directly on the team this season. While Monday night's loss was definitely ugly, the Lakers were down four rotation players and are still 10-8 on the season.

It is not time to panic, even if LeBron may want the team to panic to make some kind of move in the future.

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