1 Team emerges as Lakers' biggest threat to drafting Bronny, stealing LeBron

The Lakers may have to fend off a Western Conference rival to land Bronny James and keep LeBron.
Los Angeles Lakers, Bronny James, LeBron James
Los Angeles Lakers, Bronny James, LeBron James / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers want to keep LeBron James happy. The GOAT has played for two decades in the NBA and turns 40 later this year. He is still elite, but the franchise should be planning for life after LeBron. They want to keep him until he retires, but that likely means giving in to his demands.

James can opt out of his contract this summer, but reports suggest he prefers to stay in LA. He has not been shy about stating his desire to play with his eldest son. Bronny has declared for the 2024 NBA Draft and is expected to be a second-round pick. LeBron wants the Lakers to take his son, but they may not be in a position to do so.

Multiple teams want to meet with Bronny at the combine, but one has emerged as a serious suitor. It could be a play to get LeBron to leave the Lakers and join a Western Conference rival. Stephen A. Smith was not shy about sharing what he heard.

Mavericks eyeing Bronny James in the 2024 NBA Draft to steal LeBron

Smith took to YouTube to share his thoughts on Bronny James and how it impacts LeBron. He noted the Mavericks as the team willing to take the young James in the second round in hopes of bringing his father to Texas. Fans can listen to Smith’s full comments below.

The Mavs only have the 58th pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. They would have to jump the Lakers at 55 to have any shot at Bronny. The second round of the draft moved on its own night for the first time in league history. There will be plenty of trade activity, and Dallas has several future second-round picks to dangle in a trade to move up.

The Mavericks are high on the list of teams that could lure LeBron out of Los Angeles. Kyrie Irving wants to reunite with James after their run in Cleveland together. They won a championship in 2016 and made three NBA Finals. Irving tried to convince James to come to Dallas last summer but was unsuccessful.

LeBron has also been a staunch supporter of Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic. He tried to convince Luka to join his sneaker company and has marveled at his game for years. King James may have interest in joining the Mavericks to play with Luka and Kyrie. The Mavericks only increase their odds by drafting his son.

Bronny James has plenty to prove, but several teams will be interested if they believe it means getting LeBron. Stephen A. Smith named the Mavs, but expect the 76ers and others to join that list. King James reportedly wants to be in LA, but things can change quickly.

The Los Angeles Lakers must improve their roster this offseason. They must upgrade around LeBron James and Anthony Davis to set them up to make a deep playoff run. If not, the noise of his exit will only get louder, especially if Bronny is playing somewhere else. The 2024 NBA Draft could alter the Lakers’ future, so stay tuned.