Lakers play for star power may cost them LeBron James

The Lakers could lose LeBron James if they acquire a star this summer.
Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James
Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers must upgrade their roster this summer. They are fresh off a disappointing season that forced them to go through the Play-In Tournament before being bounced in the first round of the playoffs. The Lakers need talent and a more cohesive roster. Several players will be looking for new homes, but how does LA build it out?

Keeping LeBron James is their top priority. He wants a massive contract and says in the decision-making. The Lakers are comfortable with the terms of keeping the GOAT. Rob Pelinka and their brain trust must choose between adding a third star or having depth. The addition of Russell Westbrook failed, but finding a better fit may be the best path.

The Lakers have three first-round draft picks available to trade this summer. They are eager to upgrade their roster, but dealing them all could cost them King James. Here is a look at what ESPN’s Dave McMenamin had to say about the team’s plans and how that could impact their future.

Lakers want to trade 2024 1stround draft pick

McMenamin joined The Rich Eisen Show on May 9 to discuss a host of Lakers topics. He made it clear that the franchise would prefer to trade the 17th pick. The ESPN scribe believes Bronny James will be selected before LA selects again at 55th overall. Fans can listen to McMenamin’s full interview with Eisen below.

The Lakers need talent and did not make a trade at the deadline to have more capital to use this summer. This should not come as a shock, but it could create a domino effect that sees LeBron leave Hollywood before his playing career is over.

LeBron wants to play with his son

King James has dreamt about playing with his oldest son Bronny in the NBA for years. Adrian Wojnarowski reported it is no longer a priority for LeBron, but who knows if that is true. Fans have heard the elder James discuss it, and what better way to finish one of the best careers of all time than wrap it up by playing next to your son as he begins his career?

It may not be a priority for the Lakers to draft Bronny or for the James duo to be teammates next season, but they will likely play together before LeBron hangs up his sneakers. King James turns 40 in December, so that moment is quickly approaching.

Los Angeles should trade the 17th pick to upgrade their roster, especially if they plan on contending next season. If they cannot get a second-round selection high enough to draft Bronny, it may be the beginning of the end for LeBron with the Lakers. His departure may be a few years away and based on his son’s development. If Bronny is in the rotation, do not be surprised to see him wearing the same uniform as LeBron before the GOAT retires.

The Los Angeles Lakers are still the most likely team to select Bronny James, despite Dave McMenamin’s report. It gives the franchise the best of both worlds, but making it a reality won’t be easy, especially if other franchises think they can get LeBron by drafting his son. It is a must-follow storyline on draft night, so stay tuned.