17 People who turned their backs on the Los Angeles Lakers

These former Lakers did not leave on the best terms.

Los Angeles Lakers, Dwight Howard
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4. Dennis Rodman

The Lakers signed Dennis Rodman in Feb. of 1999. He was fresh off winning three straight championships with the Bulls, but Chicago tore things down after the Last Dance. Rodman decided to join Shaquille O’Neal and a young Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles to chase his sixth championship, but things did not go as anyone planned.

He lasted less than two months with the franchise. The 37-year-old was still an elite rebounder, but his behavior was problematic. Rodman was often late and refused to check back into multiple games. He took a leave of absence that caused him to miss three games. Ultimately, the Lakers had enough and waived him with ten games left in the regular season.

Rodman was nearing the end of his playing career. He appeared in 12 games with the Mavericks the following season, but his behavior was again a problem.

His season with the Lakers was filled with drama. It ended for LA in the second round of the playoff as the Spurs swept them. Phil Jackson arrived as head coach the following year and led the Lakers to three straight titles.

Things may have been different if the Zen Master coached Dennis Rodman, but his 23-game stint with the Lakers was a forgettable one. He turned his back on the team by showing up late and causing unnecessary headaches.