17 People who turned their backs on the Los Angeles Lakers

These former Lakers did not leave on the best terms.

Los Angeles Lakers, Dwight Howard
Los Angeles Lakers, Dwight Howard / Harry How/GettyImages
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10. Robert Horry

Horry was a crucial part of the Lakers three-peat with Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. The 6’10 forward was known for sinking clutch shots and has seven rings to prove it. Big Shot Rob had success nearly everywhere he went, but things did not end on fantastic terms in LA.

Horry admitted he left with “so much hatred for the team” for the way things were handled. He knew the Lakers wanted Karl Malone and would do whatever possible to land him. Horry wanted them to let him go, so he could find a new franchise. The Lakers waited it out, and Horry was left scrambling at the last moment.

He went on to win two championships in San Antonio over his final five years in the NBA. Things worked out for Horry, and he was not afraid to turn his back on his former team after feeling like they wronged him. The 6’10 forward was a key role player on three Lakers' title teams. Both sides should have handled the situation better, but it did not happen.

Most fans won’t remember the messy exit. They think about the clutch shots and the championships. Still, it was a disappointing way for his time with the Lakers to end.