Disgruntled sharpshooter may give Lakers a home run trade this season

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If there is one thing that the Los Angeles Lakers are the best at in the NBA it is finding the potential in players and maximizing it. The examples speak for themselves, whether it be hidden gems like Alex Caruso and Austin Reaves or reclamation projects like Cam Reddish and Malik Monk.

With the Lakers already having one of the most talented rosters in the league, the team may not have to make a big trade for an all-star-caliber player and could target the next reclamation project. Heck, that is what the team did with Rui Hachimura last season and the results have been great.

If the Lakers do go down this path then there is one name that fans should already be keeping an eye on. New York Knicks shooting guard Quentin Grimes has not been the happiest with his role this season, which could prompt the Knicks to potentially move on from the young guard in the future.

Quentin Grimes' frustration with Knicks could give the Lakers a savvy trade opportunity

Quentin Grimes has seen a big dip in playing time this season after averaging over 29 minutes per game last season. Grimes' playing time is down to just over 22 minutes per game and his numbers have taken a big hit as well. His scoring averages are down and he simply has not been as efficient from the floor.

If this continues, it could be an addition-by-subtraction type of move for the Knicks. If Grimes grows frustrated to the point where he is trying to get out of New York then it would probably help to move off of him however the team can.

This is where the Lakers can swoop in. Sending a package like the Hachimura trade probably is not enough as Grimes can be included in a bigger deal for the Knicks. However, if the Lakers want to flip one young asset (say, Jalen Hood-Schifino, for example) for another then that might be enough.

The logic behind that for the Lakers (if they were to go down that path) is that Hood-Schifino's development doesn't line up with when the Lakers are contenders. Grimes, on the other hand, could contribute right away while also still being a young piece the Lakers could develop.

Grimes' numbers are down this season but as previously mentioned, the Lakers get the most out of young players with potential. All Grimes has to do is look at his former teammate Cam Reddish. Reddish is finally realizing the potential that Knicks fans so frustratingly gave up on as he could not piece it together in the Big Apple.

At his best, Grimes can be a microwave scorer who knocks down threes off the bench and plays above-average defense. That is exactly the kind of rotation player the Lakers need and the team should jump at the chance of bringing him in if it gets to that point.

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