NBA Rumors: New development (thankfully) kills Zach LaVine to Lakers chances

Chicago Bulls v Philadelphia 76ers
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The biggest name tied up in NBA rumors this season is two-time all-star Zach LaVine. LaVine's days with the Chicago Bulls appear to be limited and the Los Angeles Lakers have long been mentioned as a likely destination for the guard.

It is not hard to see why the LaVine to LA conversations have been so prevalent. LaVine is a Klutch Sports client and has not been shy about his desire to play with the Lakers. Heck, LaVine even said publicly in the past that he wants to play with LeBron James and a dominant big man.

The Lakers have the contracts to make a LaVine trade work with the most talked-about package being built around D'Angelo Russell and Rui Hachimura. That, however, does not appear to be what the Bulls want as Chicago may have another role player in mind.

Austin Reaves has become the subject of conversation in these potential trade talks. Thankfully, that speculation has been shut down, as NBA insider Chris Haynes explained that the Lakers have no interest in moving Reaves.

Austin Reaves development kills Zach LaVine to Lakers chances

This is a great development for Lakers fans on a multitude of levels. First of all, it is great to know that the Lake Show has no interest in trading Reaves at all. Reaves has really blossomed into an important rotation player on this team and the front office is not losing sight of that.

There are so many front offices that would get star-hungry and would trade a player like Reaves without thinking twice. Heck, the Suns did it by trading both Mikal Bridges and Cam Johnson for Kevin Durant. That situation is obviously different, but it is nice to know that there is a line in the sand for the Lake Show.

Additionally, it is good to know that as of right now, LaVine is not a feasible trade target for the Lakers. LaVine is a big name and for that reason, some fans want to trade for him but the reality of the situation is that LaVine would be a bad fit for the Lakers.

Sure, he can shoot, but he is the classic example of a player who can put up decent stats on a bad team. His play style does not translate to winning and that is evident by his four career playoff games. That isn't the end-all, say-all, but a "star" in this league should have more than four playoff games when over half of the NBA makes the playoffs each year.

A LaVine trade would have a painfully similar outcome as the Russell Westbrook trade, down to the inflated multi-year salary and all. Chicago asking for Reaves in the deal might be what kills it and Lakers fans should thank the Bulls for having lofty expectations.

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