Notable NBA insider circles most likely team to lure LeBron James away from Lakers

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Four
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There are a lot of storylines surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers this summer but there is none bigger than LeBron James' future. LeBron has a player option on his contract and after his 21st year in the league, this may be the last time for LeBron to cash out on a big payday.

There is also the storyline surrounding Bronny James as he comes into the league. LeBron has not been shy about his desire to play with Bronny in the past and the Lakers are seemingly doing everything to bring Bronny to LA.

Nothing is guaranteed in the NBA, though, and there is a chance that both Bronny and LeBron are not on the Lakers next season. If LeBron does in fact leave the Lakers, there is one team in particular that ESPN's Brian Windhorst has circled as a potential landing spot.

"It is fair to point out that Daryl Morey has been trying to sign LeBron for a decade now, multiple different opportunities. Of the team that have the chance to win a championship next year, the only team with cap space, that could offer LeBron a max contract, is the 76ers. Other teams could do sign-and-trades but the Lakers wouldn't have to cooperate. The 76ers are a threat. I don't think they are a serious threat but certainly in the NBA, you never rule anything out. "

Brian Windhorst calls the 76ers a threat to sign LeBron James away from the Lakers

There are a lot of predictions this time of year about where the biggest stars in the league are going to end up, so it may be hard to take any one prediction seriously. That being said, given the subject matter, Windhorst is someone who Lakers fans should be taking very seriously.

Windhorst is one of the most plugged-in insiders in the league and has followed LeBron throughout his career very closely. If there was one insider in particular that may have a clear understanding of what LeBron's camp is thinking, it is Windhorst.

Thus, the 76ers cannot be slept on as a threat to snag LeBron away from the Lakers. Other outlets have detailed how perfect of a fit it would be for both sides so this is not coming out of left field. This is a real situation with real legs.

It all depends on what LeBron is valuing at this point in his career. If LeBron is valuing a combination of winning with maximizing on his last max contract, then the 76ers are the only team besides the Lakers that makes sense. If LeBron is worried about Anthony Davis and the depth in LA, he could hitch his wagon to the tandem of Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey.

If LeBron is worried about playing with his son then he very well could end up wherever he ends up, money or success aside. If LeBron is worried about winning above all else, he could even take a pay cut to join one of the premier contenders in the league.

Or, LeBron could value his lifestyle in Los Angeles above all else. This lifestyle is seemingly what brought him to Los Angeles in the first place and it could be what keeps him on the Lakers. The 76ers might present a better chance to win a title while also making max money, but it would also result in LeBron either having to uproot his family or move away from his family for six months of the year.

It will be interesting to see how LeBron's summer plays out with all of the different factors that are coming into play. One thing is for certain, though: Lakers fans cannot sleep on Philly.