Predicting the Lakers perfect starting lineup after an ideal offseason

The Los Angeles Lakers have limited resources, but still enough to make a splash this offseason. What would an ideal starting lineup look like if everything worked out this summer?
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Starting Lakers Guard: Donovan Mitchell

Of the numerous options available to the Los Angeles Lakers on the trade front, Donovan Mitchell is the most ideal option. Yes, Trae Young is an incredible passer who can take a chunk of the facilitating burden off of LeBron James while pick-and-rolling teams to death with Anthony Davis.

Mitchell is among the most explosive scorers in the NBA, however, and the most ideal outcome would be for the Lakers to find a player who both fits that description and is under the age of 30.

Davis and James score as well as anyone at their respective positions, but the Lakers need someone who can athletically and aggressively attack from the perimeter. Mitchell certainly fits the bill as a bouncy penetrator who can finish above the rim with relative ease.

Mitchell is also a consistent three-point shooter who would likely improve upon his career career mark of 36.6 percent if he were to join forces with Davis and James.

Suffice it to say, Davis and James would be the two best offensive players that Mitchell would have played with up to this point in his NBA career.

It's worth noting that, with James in the fold, the Lakers are afforded some positional flexibility in the backcourt. As such, Mitchell could play as a combo guard, a la the way Kyrie Irving was able to operate with James in Cleveland.

The offense would flow through Davis, James, and Mitchell alike, and when all else fails, the latter's career-best average of 6.1 assists per game is sufficient proof that he's confident and capable as a playmaker.

Most importantly, the Lakers would add a player who has the third-most 50-point playoff games in NBA history. Mitchell has also averaged upwards of 25.9 points per game in four consecutive regular seasons.

Filling out the roster with defensive-minded players will be essential, but penciling Mitchell in as the primary perimeter scoring threat would take a world of pressure off of Davis and James on the offensive end of the floor.

Any trade will come with its fair share of risks, but this is one with upside worth considering.