Pro comparisons for 5 projected Lakers selections from recent mock drafts

Mock drafts have linked the Los Angeles Lakers to a variety of intriguing options. Who do those players compare to at the NBA level?
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Kyle Filipowski, F/C, Duke Blue Devils

Ambitious Pro Comparison: Lauri Markkanen

Realistic Pro Comparison: Kelly Olynyk

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to Kyle Filipowski quite regularly in the buildup to the 2024 NBA Draft. Sam Vecenie of The Athletic is among the many who have linked the two sides in a mock draft, and that's likely to persist until June 26 rolls around.

In terms of an upside comparison, Filipowski compares physically and stylistically to two productive NBA players: Lauri Markkanen and Kelly Olynyk.

Filipowski measured at 6'10.75" without shoes, with a 6'10.5" wingspan that compares to Markkanen's at 6'11" and Olynyk's at 6'10". Markkanen is an ambitious comparison, as the Utah Jazz standout has made an All-Star Game as a dynamic scoring threat who can shoot from unique angles.

Filipowski needs to continue to improve his jumper, but there's already been significant progress to complement his post game, ball handling, passing, and finishing at and above the rim.

A more grounded comparison would be to Olynyk, who has spent 11 seasons producing everywhere he's been. Olynyk has rarely been a true go-to player, but his impact has been consistent as he spaces the floor, works inside, and thrives in between.

In either scenario, Filipowski would be an excellent offensive complement to Anthony Davis, especially as a productive offensive rebounder.