Pro comparisons for 5 projected Lakers selections from recent mock drafts

Mock drafts have linked the Los Angeles Lakers to a variety of intriguing options. Who do those players compare to at the NBA level?
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4. Tyler Kolek, PG, Marquette Golden Eagles

Ambitious Pro Comparison: Tyus Jones

Realistic Pro Comparison: Monte Morris

The Los Angeles Lakers are in the market for a point guard who can pass, shoot, and defend. It's a tall order to find a player who checks all three boxes, but Kyle Boone of CBS Sports identified a potential fit at No. 17 overall: Marquette Golden Eagles point guard Tyler Kolek.

Kolek stands at 6'1.25" with a 6'2.75" wingspan, but don't confuse his lack of elite size for an inability to thrive at the highest level.

Ambitiously, Kolek could be a Tyus Jones level player who paces a team through games with responsibile facilitating an a consistent outside shot. He lacks the size to consistently finish inside, but he's tough and willing to endure contact.

When the defense collapses on him, Kolek can make them pay as one of the most gifted passers in his class—and he makes plays without giving the ball away.

A less ambitious comparison would be Monte Morris, who has carved out a role as a reliable playmaker who consistently spaces the floor. Kolek shot 35.8 percent or better from beyond the arc in three of his four collegiate seasons, hitting at least 38.8 percent of those shots during his final two.

Coming from a defensive-minded environment, Kolek could be a two-way player with the right coaching and system for him to play in.