Pro comparisons for 5 projected Lakers selections from recent mock drafts

Mock drafts have linked the Los Angeles Lakers to a variety of intriguing options. Who do those players compare to at the NBA level?
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Jared McCain, G, Duke Blue Devils

Ambitious Pro Comparison: CJ McCollum

Realistic Pro Comparison: Seth Curry

Brad Crawford of 247Sports recently listed Jared McCain as the 17th pick in the 2024 NBA Draft. It's a compelling fit for the Los Angeles Lakers, as McCain is among the best pure shooters in his class and has intriguing combo guard skills with better court vision than his paltry 1.9 assists per game suggests.

McCain stands at 6'2" with a 6'3.5" wingspan, and is far from a proven facilitator, but that doesn't mean he can't thrive in the modern NBA and develop into a potential All-Star down the line.

An ambitious upside comparison would be CJ McCollum, albeit while acknowledging the 2.75" difference in wingspan. McCain has the ability to take opponents off the bounce and finish from midrange and beyond the arc, and has a strong 203-pound frame to fend off contact.

Similar in height and weight coming into the draft, McCain's ceiling is that of a potential All-Star who can score from all over the court while progressively developing as a playmaker.

In Los Angeles, he would essentially be the prototypical point guard in a LeBron James offense.

Perhaps more realistically, McCain has a lot of Seth Curry in his game. A legitimate sharpshooter who can come in and change the tone of an encounter without a moment's notice, McCain could thrive as an undersized 2 who's a competent passer and consistent threat from distance.

In an era that's more friendly to elite shooters and perhaps more patient in their all-around development, McCain could thrive in a Lakers motion offense.