Ranking 4 potential Lakers Play-In opponents by threat level

Taking a look at which Play-In teams would be the smallest and biggest threats to the Lakers.

Max Christie, Bradley Beal
Max Christie, Bradley Beal / Harry How/GettyImages
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Most threatening: Sacramento Kings

Unquestionably the worst matchup for the Lakers out of the four teams closest to them in the standings is the Kings. Sacramento has won all four of their meetings with LA this season, once again proving that they simply have the Lakers' number right now.

The crux of the Kings' domination over the the Lake Show? Domantas Sabonis. He has been incredibly productive this season, putting up 20.1 points and a league-leading 13.7 rebounds per game. More importantly, he has dominated his head-to-head matchup with Anthony Davis each time Sacramento has taken on Los Angeles.

As many are aware by now, Sabonis holds an incredible 10-0 career record against AD. With his physical style of play and incredible consistency as of late, he has simply done whatever he wants against arguably the best defensive frontcourt player in the NBA.

Going up against Sacramento would already be difficult simply from an X's and O's standpoint. They finished third in the Western Conference standings last season and came one Stephen Curry 50-point game away from being in the semifinals.

But the 10-0 mark Sabonis holds over Anthony Davis gives the Kings a significant mental edge as well. The Lakers should do everything they can to avoid Sacramento in a Play-In game.