Ranking Lakers free agents by likelihood to return next season

The Los Angeles Lakers have 10 players entering free agency in 2024. Who is most likely to be re-signed and who might be on their way out this summer?
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7. Spencer Dinwiddie, UFA

The Los Angeles Lakers acquired Spencer Dinwiddie after a buyout in February. It was an exciting move on paper, as Dinwiddie was averaging 12.6 points and 6.0 assists per game up to that point in the season.

During his time with the Lakers, however, Dinwiddie went from averaging 24.2 minutes per regular season game to 14.6 in the playoffs.

Dinwiddie has a long history of being a productive guard who can score and facilitate at a more than adequate level. He also played hard on defense in Los Angeles, which is a characteristic that every potential signing or re-signing must possess as the team ushers in a new era.

It's simply a matter of opportunity cost at this stage, as it may ultimately prove more beneficial to prioritize other positions.

It's possible that he'll return to the Lakers, which he's stated that he's open to doing. The question is whether or not Los Angeles can afford to utilize its limited assets this summer to add another guard to a roster that has a far bigger need for depth in the frontcourt.

Dinwiddie could find his footing with a full offseason as a Laker, however, which means nothing should be ruled out entirely.