7 Role players Lakers could target to complement LeBron James

These are several players LA could try to pair LeBron with next season.
Chris Paul, D'Angelo Russell
Chris Paul, D'Angelo Russell / Harry How/GettyImages
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Chris Paul

Getting Chris Paul in the Purple and Gold would be poetic, considering he should have been a Laker a long time ago. For those who do not remember, LA had a deal in place to trade for CP3 back in the Kobe Bryant era before NBA Commissioner David Stern vetoed the deal. Paul would ultimately end up with the Clippers instead.

It would only be right to put one of the greatest point guards of all-time next to LeBron James as he rides out the tail end of his career. Chris may not be the most dominant floor general in the league anymore, but his strong fundamentals have allowed him to elongate his career. His top-notch IQ and strong mid-range scoring would certainly be a plus for the Lakers.

Dejounte Murray

The Lakers have one of the most dominant interior forces in the entire association in Anthony Davis. Offensively and defensively, he is a hanfdul for even the best opposing post players to handle. So why not try to pursue one of the top two-way players on the perimeter as well?

Dejounte Murray has shined at both ends of the floor for the majority of his career, but especially in the last three seasons when it comes to offensive production. He is a skilled shot-maker that gets to his spots and knocks down jumpers with high efficiency. He could potentially be an upgrade if the team is looking to move on from D'Angelo Russell.