Spencer Dinwiddie takes shot at Mavericks while explaining Lakers decision

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The Los Angeles Lakers managed to upgrade the roster without making any moves at the 2024 trade deadline by signing Spencer Dinwiddie after he was traded to the Toronto Raptors and subsequently waived.

The Lakers signed Dinwiddie to a $1.5 million contract that made use of the rest of the Mid-Level Exception. Los Angeles did not sign Gabe Vincent to the full MLE, allowing the Lakers to outbid other teams that were vying for Dinwiddie's services.

With teams like the Dallas Mavericks mentioned in the pursuit of Dinwiddie, it was assumed that this extra cash from the Lakers was the reason why he chose to come to LA. However, that may not have totally been the case, as Dinwiddie recently explained what went into his decision and took a shot at the Mavericks in the process.

Spencer Dinwiddie's strange Lakers analogy is a shot at the Mavericks

We think we understand what Dinwiddie is trying to say here? Dinwiddie is essentially saying that mediocrity is more accepted by the Mavericks, whereas the Lakers only accept excellence and will strive for that excellence regardless of the hurdles.

To be fair, there is no team in the league that has higher standards than the Lakers, so Dinwiddie does have a point. Any season that does not result in a championship is considered a failure for the Lakers. Some players don't do well with those expectations, and others seek it out (like Dinwiddie is).

Is this a bit unfair to the Mavericks? Probably. But then again Dinwiddie would know better than anyone else what the expectations are in that organization. Dinwiddie spent part of two seasons in Dallas and played 18 games in the playoffs with the Mavs in 2022.

That Mavericks team actually made it to the Western Conference Finals and were beaten in five games by the Golden State Warriors. Perhaps the fallout from that series is not what Dinwiddie expected, as he has no other playoff experience with the team. He was traded by the Mavs during the following season.

Regardless of his intent, or just how true this statement is, it definitely is rubbing Mavericks fans the wrong way. Those who wanted Dinwiddie back in Dallas are probably now happy that he has signed with the Lakers.

One thing is for certain: Lakers fans are happy with the Dinwiddie signing. That does not mean he will get off scot-free with the high expectations, though. But he wouldn't have it any other way.

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