An Open Letter From A Laker Fan to Sasha Vujacic

I’d like to preface this by saying that I am going to take a lot of heat for this post.  My fiancee is a HUGE Sasha fan, and I’d be sleeping on the couch if she knew I wrote this.

sashaMr. “Machine”-

I hope this message finds you in good health and good spirits.  I’m confident that your $15 million contract is affording you the lavish lifestyle you feel you deserve.  On to more pressing matters…

What the hell are you doing, man?  Seriously!  From a fan’s perspective, you seem completely useless on the court.  Whenever you come into a game, everyone in the room watching with me mumbles under their breath something along the lines of “Here comes a team foul in the next 30 seconds.”  Sure, you’ve shown some tenacity on defense and you’ve made some shots but good-God, sir- you’re absolutely atrocious this year (and especially in these playoffs)!

Remember last season when you got your contract?  Remember what you said?  I’ll help you out here, and quote you: “I’ve heard the rumor that players who sign a contract tend to take the next year off and stay in the shadows.  I disagree with that. I think the way I am, being a gym rat, I want to be even better next year and there’s no secret to anyone that I want to be the best shooter in the NBA.

Very inspiring words there, Sasha.  Let’s see how you’re stacking up against last season’s playoffs:

07-08 21.7 0.399 0.392 0.857 0.4 1.8 2.2 0.8 0.6 0.2 0.86 2.10 8.1
08-09 14.2 0.275 0.306 1.000 0.5 1.4 1.8 0.7 0.8 0.2 0.54 2.10 3.8

As we can see, your minutes have dropped a bit.  Lets dive in a little deeper to explore why, shall we?

Your .275 field goal percentage is embarrassing.  As a role player, you have to excel at your role.  We paid $15 million for you to make 1 out of 4 shots?

Your .306 3-point percentage is a huge dropoff from last season.  You were one of the league leaders in the year when your contract was coming up.  What happened?

I understand your point total suffering because of less minutes, but how on earth are you committing the same number of fouls in 7 less minutes per game?  You’re no longer the 3-Point-Draining Machine.  You’re the fouling machine.

What happened to camping out in your spot and playing your catch-and-shoot role?  You seem to be shooting off the dribble and driving more often, now.  You even dunked a few times this year!  That’s great and all, but I think I’d rather you never dunked at all and just made your jump shots instead.

They say your shooting is off because your minutes are down.  Last season you averaged 17.8 minutes a game.  This season you averaged 16.2.  Not exactly the monumental dropoff they make it sound like.

At the start of the season, my fiancee was your biggest fan.  There was no one on the team that she cared about besides watching you and your Luis Scola-hair frantically run around the court.  She hasn’t given up on you, but now she won’t admit you’re her favorite in public anymore.  If that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what will.

One last note: Stop whining.  Your “I didn’t foul him” face looks pathetic.  Other team’s fans tend to despise you.  It’s starting to catch on here at home, now, too.

I don’t want to feel this way towards you, Sasha, but how could I not?  Prove me wrong.  Prove all of us wrong.  Live up to the words you spoke last year about being the best shooter in the league.  We need you, Sasha.  Can you rise to the occasion?

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  • kiki

    Yes.. someone finally said it! i totally agree.. he’s being paid wayyyy too much for not shooting well. agreed. well put. if lakers want to win the championship, Sasha needs to step it up.

  • aamir syed

    well said ryan. as a die hard laker fan, i cringe when sasha gets put on the floor. especially with his fiasco the other day with people saying he threw up shots during the game, a playoff game, because brown and farmar wouldn’t give him the ball.

  • Jennie

    OK, listen Ryan – Your wife will find out about this because I’ll make sure to tell her- I’m a huge Sasha fan and my fiancee can’t stand it either, he’s just like you, but guess what? Sasha needs some support from the men!! You don’t get it. Why is it that men only pat each other on the back when they are at their best? Why can’t men be supportive when someone really needs it? Sasha needs a lot of support from all Lakers fans right now. I think all the trash talking is really getting to him and if you are a real fan, try writing him a supportive letter not a judgemental one. Sasha is in the gym more than anyone on The Lakers. Kobe can vouch for that. It’s not that he’s not trying. It’s that he’s got a serious mental block. It’s so obvious! It’s time for the male Laker’s fans to step up and start showing some real support!!!!! He gets it from the ladies but he needs some good solid fan support from the guys. Sasha is a very passionate player and takes things to heart. Whether men want to try and act hard like they have no feelings is total BS. I’m tired of all the men flapping their gums about Sasha. Be a real man and lift a brother when they’re down!!! If you really give a damn about the Lakers winning, I dare you to go to a game and hold up a huge sign just for Sasha. I can guarantee that if there were enough REAL men who did that The Machine would be back! Ultimately it’s up to Sasha to put it down, but the fans energy and support is a HUGE part of their game. You have to be there when they are up AND when they are down.

  • ayejaye

    Ummm….Jennie? You can stop your rant now, in the very beginning, you clearly stated that you’re a Sasha fan so all that crap you posted is for the fan in you, not in fact.

    Fist of all, Sasha needs support from the men? Sexist. “Why can’t men be supportive when someone really needs it?” Probably just your husband and a few others you know, not all men. Sasha hasn’t been doing good the whole season, period. Not because we don’t show him emotional support, that’s a huge bail-out and not to mention it makes him sound like a p*ssy.

    “I can guarantee that if there were enough REAL men who did that The Machine would be back!” LOL. Man are you sexist. This “machine” as he calls himself, is nothing but a foul robot. Face it, he sucks this year and NOT because of men not being REAL men by not supporting him. What BS, grow up woman.

  • Jennie

    ayejaye you’re kidding right? You’re calling me a sexist however the word “emotional” never once touched my post, it was you who used that word. Just shows how quickly you have become the sexist and are judging me solely off my gender and not my opinion. I can’t wait for Sasha to crush his opponents so you all you fake Laker fans can shut it already. My point is that men like the one who wrote this article and you just love to ride the bandwagon. Oh when “The Machine” (and by the way ayejay, he is not self proclaimed the media began calling him that) plays well everyone wants to ride his nuts, but as soon as he starts being human and not making every shhot then all the fake Lakers fans have to cry, complain, and scream trade. Be supportive and have faith in your team. That is my point. Quit living vicariously through their succeses and see them for what they really are. People with exceptional skills that aren’t always perfect.

  • Ryan Kane

    I implore you, Jennie, to reread the letter I wrote above. I feel I’m supportive and my heart is in the right place. How am I not supportive when I say, “We need you, Sasha”?

    The man gets paid very well to do his job. He isn’t performing up to previous levels. If ANY employee doing ANY job was under-performing, they’d be spoken to about it. As a Laker fan, I pay money to buy gear/tickets/etc. My money goes towards his salary. I’m unhappy with how my money is being spent, and I feel I have the right to point out Sasha’s shortcomings. It doesn’t mean I’m screaming “trade!” or anything.

    In fact, I’d go so far as to question your loyalty to the team. If Sasha plays like this for the rest of his career, are you still going to champion him remaining on the team? He’s given us a full year of awful play now. Where do you draw the line?

  • ayejaye

    Jennie..Jennie, Jennie, Jennie..

    “My point is that men like the one who wrote this article and you just love to ride the bandwagon.”

    That’s not sexist, meaning men love to ride the bandwagon of the person who wrote this article. I’m sure women out there agree, not just men. Face it, you’re being SEXIST. I am not a lala fan, never will be a fan but a fan of the NBA. BTW, no one but SASHA himself gave him that nickname. What a douche, a machine for laying bricks maybe?

    Jennie, you’re a Sasha fan, I get it. Quit riding HIS nuts and except the fact that the Lakers extended his contract because of ONE decent season. Oh well, it happens.

  • Jennie

    First I’d like to begin by saying “GO SASHA, GO LAKERS! Will see you at the parade tomorrow! Now -

    ayejay, I won’t even honor your last remark with a response- I can’t tell you’re not the brightest bulb around, so I’ll leave it at that. Oh and by the way it’s “accept” not “except”. I can “accept” a mistake “except” if it’s a really dumb one.

    Ryan, I hear you and how you really might believe this is a supportive letter. I still challenge you to be positive. Posting stats isn’t exactly the way to do it. If you’re kid was failing in school do you think that shoving his repot card in his face would help? No- He already knows he’s failing, so he needs support at that point. Yes, I know Sasha is not a child and he’s not your child. It’s an example. But he needs support, that continues to be my point. Why did Fisher make those clutch shots? He didn’t believe in himself anymore, but his team and his coach did. He outwardly expressed that this is what helped his game. Sasha has done it before and he can do it again. He just needs his confidence back.

  • ayejaye

    Well Jennie, if we’re doing grammar corrections, please…allow me.

    “I can’t tell you’re not the brightest bulb around”
    -You CAN’T tell? Hmmm.

    “If you’re kid was failing in school do you think that shoving his repot card in his face would help?”
    -If ‘your’ kid: you’RE means you are.

    “But he needs support, that continues to be my point.”
    -Cannot start a sentence with ‘But’ and this is a run-on sentence.

    The thing I hate more than a hypocritical feminist, are fans that continue to love Sasha when he continues to dissapoint. If Phil doesn’t log in more minutes with him (smartest thing he’s done), we can continue to see the Machine malfunction and wonder why.

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