It's not your fault. It's not your fault. It's not your fault.'s Bill Simmons Doesn't Deserve to be Published

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ESPN’s Bill Simmons doesn’t deserve his job.  Yes, I’m making that claim as clearly as possible.  Take a look at his article titled “Take a retro look at Game 2” in which he keeps a “Live Diary” of the fourth quarter of game 2 by re-watching it after it happened.

This man is being paid to write this garbage for ESPN, not the Orlando Magic website.  If this were an Orlando blog, I might not give it a second thought.  This is ESPN, though.  Since when did ESPN allow its writers to take on complete (and stated) bias and clearly misrepresent game footage?

Bill- I’ve got bad news for you: you’re an outright liar.  Lets look at a few of the finer points of the utter trash you’ve written to find out your shortcomings.

“11:30″ — You mention that we Laker fans will get flustered when others make fun of Bynum’s contract extension.  I’m sorry to say it, but most of us are proud to have Andrew on the team.  His injury wasn’t his fault  (unfortunate accident), and we don’t hold it against him.  Before the injury, the man was earning every penny of his contract.  Sure he’s struggled getting into a rhythm since he came back, but all players do.  Stop pretending Laker fans are upset and want to dump him.  We don’t.

“4:47″ — You start your “Super-Dubious Foul Crunch-Time Scoreboard”.  By the end of the game, you claim that the officials made 10 bad calls in the Lakers’ favor to only one in the Magic’s favor.  Watch the game with an unbiased third party, Mr. Simmons.  I believe your count is just a tad off  (understatement of the century award).

“3:34″ — You mistakenly claim Kobe wasn’t fouled by Pietrus.  I’ve watched the replay many times and Pietrus did clip Kobe’s arm.  It was a small amount of contact, but contact was made.  That call was inconsistent throughout the game, but you know deep down that the Magic got that same call in their favor a few times as well.  Your scoreboard is off by one already.

“3:16″ — Everyone and their mother watched Hedo get away with that push-off on Ariza throughout the game.  He decided to up the ante and push a little harder this time.  Again, watch with an unbiased source and tell me there’s absolutely no foul there.  Your scoreboard is off by 2 now.

“3:08″ — You claim Pietrus’ 6th foul was awful but you only saw it in real time from one angle.  How can you claim with any certainty that it was a bad call?  Your scoreboard is off by 3.

“2:40″ — Hedo’s legs get tangled with Kobe’s.  A foul is called.  It is consistently called like that in the NBA and always has been.  Your scoreboard is off by 4.  Check out the picture below.  See how Hedo is holding Kobe’s foot?  You’re right, no foul there.

Holding another players foot is apparently legal in basketball (according to Bill Simmons)

“0:09″ — Wow you’re bitter.  The Magic have gotten away with the exact same stuff and now you’re complaining because the game is on the line?  You’re now off by 6 on your fake scoreboard.  Lets not forget that you started your scoreboard in the last five minutes.  Think about the start of the game when Dwight Howard was awarded a block for putting his hand up through the rim and net.  No, that’s not goaltending- that’s a solid block right there, right?

“0:00″ — Don’t even bring up Gasol touching the rim on Courtney Lee’s missed layup at the end of regulation.  If Dwight Howard gets a block earlier in the game for clearly affecting the shot, you can’t even mention it when Pau had no affect on the trajectory of the ball.

Perfectly clean block here, right Bill?

Not goaltending

“3:56 (OT)” — You only seem to watch the Lakers on defense and nitpick their touch fouls.  Why don’t you watch what Orlando is doing (the exact same thing)?  It’s obvious your bias has you blinded.  Your scoreboard is off by 7.

“1:53″ — Even YOU admit in your comment that the NBA always calls this a defensive foul.  Sure it’s a stupid rule, but it’s the rule.  Can you honestly tell me that Hedo was set and drew a charge?  Your scoreboard is off by 8 now, by the way.

“0:22″ — I’ll give you the Fisher traveling call if you’ll admit that the out of bounds call at the end of the fourth quarter where Hedo slapped the ball out of bounds was wrong.  The official pointed to his knee and awarded the ball to the Magic.  Slow motion replay CLEARLY shows the ball never even coming near Kobe’s knee.  That would have given the Lakers another posession in the fourth, and the Magic one less.  Probably wouldn’t have even seen overtime. I’ll let you add that to your scoreboard, but you have to add the out of bounds call in favor of the Magic.  How come this didn’t come up when you re-watched the tape and kept track of missed calls?

Final “dubious calls” score: 3-2 in favor of the Magic (unless of course you count the rest of the game, which was actually called quite nicely by Steve Javie and his crew).

Your conclusion invited Magic fans to Blame Redick, the refs, and SVG.  You implore them not to blame Courtney Lee because it was, like, a really hard shot.  I’m sorry, Mr. Simmons, but Courtney Lee gets paid an awful lot of money to play this sport.  He is one of the best basketball players in the entire world.  Yes, it’s a tough shot, but that’s what he gets paid to do- make tough shots.  If making easy shots was all that the NBA required, no one would care to watch.

It’s incredible that Bill Simmons is published on a site like making these wild, unfounded accusations.  The big story of the game was not the poor refereeing.  The big stories were the missed shot by Lee and the meltdown of the Magic in overtime.  For some reason, Mr. Simmons fails to recognize that the Lakers played well and won because they were the better team.  Deal with it, Bill: your biased comments shouldn’t be published in anything besides a fan blog (like this one).

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  • ATLakers

    Did you see his Twitter ( He wrote “Just parked next to a Lexus with a Lakers flag sticking out of it. The city of LA with a 2-0 Finals lead redefines the word “bandwagon” …

    what the hell does that mean? So a doctor with a Lexus likes the Lakers. Doesn’t mean he’s a bandwagoner! He’s hating on LA just because …

    …cause of course, Boston is ALWAYS decked out in green, even if the Celdicks are playing their 4th regular season game. Idiot.

  • schnd

    Dude, take a friggin’ breath. I’m a huge Laker fan but Bill Simmons is a brilliant writer. You can be a die hard fan of the Lakers and still be objective. Laker fans are an easy target, as are fans of any team with the success rate of the Laker franchise (Yankees, Raiders, Cowboys, even Celtics). I don’t agree with everything Bill writes but I can agree to disagree with him and appreciate his perspective. By saying he should lose his ESPN job because he doesn’t fawn over the Lakers just feeds the anti-Laker sentiment.

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  • ATLakers

    schnd, I agree with you we should be objective, but it’s hard to when Simmons is obviously looking at games through an anti-Laker lens. Although the author did go a little over the top in ridiculing BS (his nickname, not mine), BS just can’t accept that the Lakers win because they’re quite possibly a good team. If (and when) the Lakers get their last 2 wins here, watch Simmons say it was just a fluke.

    He’s entitled to his opinion, I agree, but the fact that the dude has a national audience (ESPN, ESPNtheMag, etc.), it really strikes me as an unacceptable bias. He’s a pure hater.

  • ATLakers

    schnd, I agree with you we should be objective, but it’s hard to when Simmons is obviously looking at games through an anti-Laker lens. Although the author did go a little over the top in ridiculing BS (his nickname, not mine), BS just can’t accept that the Lakers win because they’re quite possibly a good team. If (and when) the Lakers get their last 2 wins here, watch Simmons say it was just a fluke.

    He’s entitled to his opinion, I agree, but the fact that the dude has a national audience (ESPN, ESPNtheMag, etc.), it really strikes me as an unacceptable bias. He’s a pure hater who fuels Laker hater fire around the nation.

  • Ryan Kane

    schnd: I didn’t say he should fawn over the Lakers. I said he shouldn’t be so biased that he literally lies in his articles. I write for a Lakers fan blog. I’m supposed to be biased. Even with all my bias, I couldn’t live with myself if I lied and took things out of context like he did in that article.

  • Just Blog Baby


    Bill Plaschke is a brilliant writer, Bill Simmons is a clever writer. Two very different things.

    The basic problem is that ESPN is supposed to be a journalisitc outlet but it has devolved into “sports talk for dummies” (see Colin Cowherd as exhibit A).

    I stopped reading Simmons a long time ago. There are two things that make him who he his and how he views the Lakers and Kobe. 1) He’s a Celtic fan and 2) he writes for a network with a heavy East Coast Bias. Think of him as the fat kid who got picked on in high school and became a cop later in life.

    The Lakers are the most “hater proof” franchise in all of sports. The Celtics were crap for the better part of almost two decades prior to last year. The Yankees were the worst team in all of baseball in the late 80′s and the Pats were the worst team in football until the Tuna came along and they hit the Tom Brady lottery. Somehow these are the teams that are made out to be superior when it is the Lake Show that has won titles in almost every decade and missed the playoffs only once after Shaq was traded and the Disney sports reporters said that Dr. Buss had lost his mind.

    I want to go one step further and say get rid of all of ESPN and not just Simmons. The problem though is that there is now a huge collection of idiots who think they know something because they watch Sports Center every night.

  • schnd

    Just blog baby- Let’s go one step further than that and not only get rid of ESPN, but let’s get rid of the internet and TV altogether!! Seriously, how do you substantiate your point and add that at the end?! You might as well make some succinct points and then announce that you crapped your pants.

    All I’m saying is that for the most part, Laker fans are passionate for their team and many are intelligent students of the game. But it IS ok to criticize them and engage in a debate about the games and not go off the deep end when someone has divergent opinions. Kobe is the greatest, but he should’ve passed to a wide open Ariza, Odom or Fisher and not tried to take that shot in quadruple coverage at the end of regulation. My belief of this doesn’t make me any less of a fan of the Lakers. Getting all riled up because Simmons is teasing your team is only fueling his fire to keep teasing Laker fans!

  • Outsider31

    From an outsider looking in, both writers are stretching their views. Stretching them enough that if you watch the replay of the game, you will find that LA is getting a majority of the calls for them, but not to the extent Bill Simmons takes it. I do believe that Kobe gets calls because he’s Kobe, especially with these ticky tacky foul calls, but thats besides the point. Ryan Kane also stretches some of the calls in this piece. A fan or hater are going to be somewhat bias, regardless of his or her media. Get over it and write your own material and stop doing the exact same thing your complaining about.

  • Just Blog Baby


    I’m not saying there is no room for a differeing opinion. Far from it. Without differing opinions life would be dull. All I’m saying is that ESPN is supposed to be a news outlet and by allowing their writers who represent their compnay to just spew their biased views makes for a dire situation with regards to serious journalism.

    If Simmons had his own blog or website that would be one thing. But you don’t see Katie Couric using CBS as a platform for her views. There is nothing wrong with Simmons, it is just the fact that he’s paid by a network built on sports news. It is a horrible contradiction.

    Thus, ESPN should be dissolved into two seperate enterprises. Journalism and Opinion. There are far too many gray areas.

  • jasondude

    The best way to get Bill Simmons kicked off ESPN is to link to his article, getting him new pageviews, and then bitch on twitter about not being able to follow him anymore.

  • Dan

    As an unbiased fan, I was pretty upset over the officiating in game 2, and I had many of the same thoughts expressed by Simmons in his piece.

    The fact is, the calls were unfair, and LA clearly benefited from the refs, though it wasn’t quite as bad as Simmons wrote.

    I began to cheer for Orlando, mostly because I felt they were playing against both LA and the refs (I’m not a conspiracy theorist, and I don’t think there was motive, but the calls were brutal), and I began to like Kobe less, based on his constant complaining, despite the fact that he was getting (almost) every call.

    So, yes, there is “Laker Hate,” or whatever that means, due to the success of LA, and to the brutal officiating that clearly gave them an advantage.

    Just my opinion.

  • kareemabduladam

    That game was not unfair. In fact, nobody is talking about how Rashard Lewis nicked Kobe’s arm on his final shot with time running down in regulation.

    As for Simmons, his Laker/Kobe hatred has made him look foolish. Read this post about a stupid comment he made about Kobe being past his prime. I mean, what games are you watching?

    Now, Simmons is blocking anyone who criticizes him on Twitter. I am not the only example. If you can’t stand the tweet, get the eff out of the Twitter.

    And ESPN has definitely lost its touch. It needs to reevaluate itself, not be taken off the air or Internet.

  • Dozbe

    Ryan Kane are you on your rags?

    So, what your views and analysis aren’t bias, Mr. Lakers fan!

    Whats makes you people think that Simmons only job is to report? Maybe ESPN want him to express his views. They don’t need your approval!

    What a pack of whinning Bit@#!s.

  • Bickle

    Ok, to get it out of the way first Bill Simmons does have a Laker’s bias, but after that he does like watching good basketball. Read the whole article and even HE admits that when Odom plays like he is capable of the Laker’s are the best team in basketball saying “I’m not sure if the Lakers are the best team of 2008-09, but when Odom shows up, they are. If that makes sense.”, thats a BIG thing for such a biased fan. The thing is he would be more then happy to give the Lakers props if they win and play up to there talent, don’t rip him for one article and say he shouldn’t be on, when Adande (as much as I love reading his columns) was once working for the LA Times covering the Lakers, and most of his columns are Laker related, ESPN is not as East Coast biased as you make it seem.

  • RBHN

    Bill Simon is a JERK. I hope he won’t have a stroke when laker win championship this year. I just can’t beleive that this guy is a professional report writer.

  • Getupkid

    A professional report writer indeed. The best part of this is that you’re reinforcing just about every one of the stereotypes Simmons uses to describe you.

    You’re about to win a championship. Chill the fuck out.

  • zoner

    I think I have read2 of his columns. Ever. Is that weird? People talk about him like he is the bomb (do kids still say that?) but I never really dug it.

    And if he is banning Twitter followers because of criticism that is just weak sauce.

  • puke, pull, pounce

    I don’t think Bill is as biased as you think. Read:

  • football info

    Hey what was that bro looking at, that’s nuts

  • football resource

    Hey what was that bro doing, that’s nuts