A Few Things I saw at the Laker Parade

I’m proud to say that I was among the 100,000+ Angelenos that attended the parade to celebrate the Los Angeles Lakers and their 15th NBA title.

In case you’re wondering: 25% of us are unemployed, 25% of us work in entertainment so we’re pretty much unemployed, 25% of us work for the city and 25% of us just flat out took the day off from our boring jobs to take part in something we haven’t seen in seven long years. 100% of us are die hard fans and we can’t wait to do this again next year.

Here are a few things that caught my eye today.



There's nothing like seeing a sea of Purple and Gold everywhere you look



A classic ride showing Laker pride



Would you believe the Laker charter landed in the middle of Figueroa? (Actually, its part of USC's aviation museam)



Laker Girls...well not really...but they are Laker fans who happen to be girls



If you look close enough, you'll see half of Trevor Ariza's face, my favorite Laker. Where would we be without Westchester's finest?



I hope Darth Vader knows this is why you aren't helping to rebuild the Death Star today



From Cybertron to L.A., even Bumblebee is a Laker fan



My man's shirt says it all

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