Lakers Expected to Pursue Jason Kidd – Please Be A Rumor

Just read this little blurb over at RealGM:

“Free agency officially opens on Wednesday, and the Cavaliers, Trail Blazers, Celtics, Knicks, and possibly even the Lakers are expected to show interest.”

I have no idea where they got their source, but I’m pretty sure that every Laker fan on earth hopes that this is only being considered if both Ariza and Odom are offered unmatchable contracts from other ball clubs and we’re stuck with the money we saved for them.

With the prospects of Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar backing up a still-relevant Derek Fisher, should we really even consider wasting cap space on someone like Jason Kidd?  Lest we forget that Kobe will likely opt out of his contract next year and we may have to step up his supporting cast to coax him to stay.

Is it worth signing a 36-year-old veteran when we’ve already got a 34-year-old who’s been through it all with Kobe and PJ?

I say absolutely not.  I hope this is simply speculation.  There are plenty of other free agents this year that I would take over Jason Kidd if it came down to it- Kobe’s Olympic teammate Carlos Boozer or chipmunk-style shooter Shawn Marion even.

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  • kareemabduladam

    I disagree with you here for once, Ryan. If Kidd truly wants a championship, I don’t see any reason why the Lakers couldn’t re-sign Ariza and Odom and bring him in, or maybe even sign-and-trade Jordan Farmar for him. Kidd likely cares about a ring more than money. Gotta be a way to sign all three. I can’t imagine kid distributing to the offensive talent the Lakers have, and in Phil, Kobe and Kidd you likely have three of the top 10 minds in basketball today. Perfect fit.

  • Just Blog Baby

    I gotta go with Ryan on this one. I like Kidd but I don’t see how he will fit with this roster. He’s not a shooter so he serves little purpose in the few instances when this team does run the triangle. He’s not the same defender he once was, so it’s not like we’re getting a guy who’s going to be a lock down defender against guys like Deron Williams. Also, he’d have to take a massive pay cut if Ariza and Odom come back. I’d much rather try and keep Shannon Brown and stick with the Farmar/Fish rotation.

    But, if GM Mitch can work a sign and trade that somehow involved moving Sasha Vujacic as part of a package for J-Kidd, then I’m all for it!

    Kidd is a hall of famer for sure, but we shouldn’t confuse his past with his present. Presently, he was the worst end of the Devin Harris deal.

  • kareemabduladam

    I’m going to come out and say it right now. If we go with Fisher/Farmar/Brown again next year at the point, we might as well flush all hopes of repeating down the toilet. Even a deteriorating Kidd is better than any PG on our roster.

    Personally, I’d rather have Bibby, but that would probably take a sign-and-trade that would cost us Bynum. Bynum and Vujacic for Bibby? Would we do that? Would the Hawks do that (as far as contracts are concerned)?

  • Ryan Kane

    Any deal including Vujacic leaving is ok with me. :)

    It’s no secret that we at agree that Sasha is dead weight at this point.

  • Ryan Kane

    (follow up)
    Ok ok maybe not ANY deal, but I’m prepared to deal him away to free up space for a Nate Robinson or someone like that.

    Or just deal him away and cut our losses.

    I’m quickly realizing how much I can’t stand Sasha anymore.