Celtic Fans are Already Whining

This is one Laker fan who believes that Phil Jackson’s resume is still incomplete. Until PJ beats the C’s in the finals, he’ll remain number two in my book behind Pat Riley as greatest coach to ever helm the Laker ship.

The rivalry between Boston and Los Angeles was re-born in 2008 when the Celtics took the hearts from the Lakers with a 39-point massacre as a punctuation point.

Before that moment, the rivalry had been as dead as Elvis.

Have the Celtic faithful forgotten how bad their team was prior to the arrival of KG and Jesus Shuttlesworth? Has it escaped their memory that they were chanting “MVP” for Kobe during a butt whooping in the Garden?

Apparently they have.

It’s only December and already the Bill Simmons clones are out in full force with rants and raves against anything Laker related.

They’re whining about how much love the Lake Show is getting. They’re bitching about the soft schedule the Lakers have endured thus far.

Meanwhile, Laker fans are more concerned with those sore losers in the French Quarter than we are with some 4-loss team in the Northeast.

We’ll worry about the Celtics when that brutal road trip nears its completion in January of next year.

This season is about hanging another banner no matter who the competition is. Jerry Buss didn’t create the schedule; he just pays his men to play it out.

Clearly, these Celtic fans are green in the face with envy. It just wasn’t enough to enjoy your first title since Ronald Reagan was in office. Now you’re bemoaning the one year you’ve gone without a Larry O’Brien.

As much as I hate the C’s, they enter my Laker consciousness about as often as Mike Smrek does these days.   

Keep fighting that good fight, Simmons dittoheads.

Maybe after your aging roster finally comes crashing down with that lone banner they hung in the rafters as consolation. You’ll be able to focus on more pressing issues like chanting “MVP” for Andrew Bynum in the Garden.

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  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    Gotta prove it. 1 tough game all year – at Denver- What was the score of that game?

  • steve

    Gotta prove it. 1 tough game all year – in Boston against Phoenix-What was the score of that game?

  • Johnny no excuses

    The celtics lost to the suns @ home and we have totally destroyed the suns twice this season. also they are 2 lucky shot from being a 6 lost team, what an hypocrite bandwagon piece of sh!t.

  • steve

    The team somewhere on the eastern seaboard should not be talking. They have had far more powder puffs in their schedule so far. They are 4-3 against .500+ teams, and the Lakers are 7-3 against .500+ teams.

  • http://www.hardwoodhoudini.com greenbanner18

    Johnny you never responded to my comment on Hardwood Houdini about where these two lucky shots were? Why not?

  • fiorelladad

    LA may have won against the Suns but needed an OT against the Thunder, won in LA against Miami by 1 point, needed an OT to win @ Bucks and they haven’t played a single game against the NBA elite: Celtics, Spurs, Cavs, Magic. Talk about needing lucky shots. Boston has won already against Spurs and Cavs AWAY. All the teams I’ve mentioned, Boston already demolished them. Don’t try to win the championship in December when you haven’t had any real competition yet. As it is the Lakers have barely escaped defeat against these non-elite teams. The one game against real competition you got scalded at Denver. Then got scalded at Utah by a team you demolished 2 days earlier. Talk about consistency and the safety blanket of Staples Center.

    If I was you I would shut the fuck up and wait till that false sense of security called home translates well on the open road. As it is the Lakers are gonna have their asses handed to them most times than not.

  • P1 Eisha

    This is actually a great blog posting, I have learned a whole lot.

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