No Charges Filed Against Matt Barnes

The Sacramento DA will not file charges against Matt Barnes. After being arrested on September 8th, Barnes was facing the possibility of being brought up on domestic violence charges. A disconnected 911 call led deputies to his home after an alleged altercation occurred between Barnes and his fiancée.

Citing a lack of evidence, the district attorney has chosen not to move forward with the case.

While his fiancée denied any altercation occurred, one can only hope this is an isolated incident. As it relates to his professional career, it would be a huge distraction for both Barnes and the Lakers to begin the season under these circumstances. On a personal level, it is an auspicious start to relationship headed for the altar. Again, the hope is that all the facts in the case were carefully weighed and a decision to drop any potential charges was done so in the appropriate manner.

Domestic violence is one of the great unspoken evils of society and its ramifications are far reaching. For Barnes this signals the end of his legal woes. Only the parties involved know what occurred that day. Perhaps this is all one big misunderstanding muddled by public conjecture. At least, that is the hope.

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  • Ray2447

    False accusations of domestic violence against men are common. Such a false accusation is domestic violence, yet police and prosecutors almost never prosecute such criminals. Not counting false accusations of domestic violence, credible research overwhelmingly shows that the ratio of domestic violence to be least 50/50 between women & men. Go to Fiebert Bibliography. According to one study by researchers who work at the CDC, in 70% of domestic violence incidents, where the d.v. is not mutual, it’s women who initiate the d. v. Go to Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting. Click on the link under the red & blue pie chart. D.v. law follows a gender feminist agenda over facts & does great harm to many innocent men & also many violent women. Go to Youtube, “Los Misandry”

    • Chris Shellcroft


      I see where you’re going. Keep in mind that stats are only recorded when cases are actually reported. There are many more instances that go unreported than ones that do. Sometimes numbers can be misleading.