As the Artest Turns: Agent Denies Rumors of Ron in Finland

If there is a lockout chances are we won’t be hurting for topics to discuss so long as Ron…err…Metta World Peace is around. Another day and yet another rumor that could only be attached to Artest or World Peace…whatever!

If you believe everything you read on European hoops blogs then you might assume it was a done deal that Ron Ron…damn…I mean Metta Metta was going to be playing pro ball in Finland come September. Yeah…there a couple of things very wrong with that rumor.

For one, if there isn’t a lockout how exactly is that going to fly with the Lakers? I mean, dude is still under contract and I’m pretty sure the preseason will be in full swing come September.

Secondly, Ron’s agent came forward and denied the report.

“The whole notion strikes me as a publicity stunt. Nothing has come across my desk. Ron has asked me to look into options in Europe, but certainly not with a small team in Finland.”

So, who do you believe? Does it really even matter at this point? Would it surprise you if come September Metta was balling in Finland?

My concern is not if he’ll be playing in Europe but instead why. As in if there is no NBA you’d assume some guys will take the Euro plunge. For now just file this away in another odd chapter in the on-going saga that is Metta World Peace.

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