Derek Fisher Facing Toughest Challenge of Career

He’s made miracles occur in mere fractions of a second. He’s dealt with personal tragedy and strife off the court yet still found a way to dig deep and play his best ball on it. There isn’t too much adversity Derek Fisher hasn’t faced only to emerge triumphant. Now he’s facing a task so daunting even he has to have his doubts.

As the NBA’s Player President, D-Fish is the face of the men currently locked out by the owners. Much more than a figurehead title, Fisher’s role in the labor negotiations is as contentious as being the voice of reason during the infamous Kobe and Shaq feud.

According to reports the players’ union and owners are slated to resume negotiations on Wednesday. This would represent just the third meeting in the nearly three months of the NBA work stoppage. While the process itself has drawn the ire of fans, Fisher’s decision to vacation instead of attending an earlier bargaining session has drawn the ire of the players he represents.

His legacy as a Laker is firmly cemented thanks to countless clutch moments. What happens over the course of the next month could truly define Fisher’s career.

These are truly troubling times in professional hoops. The balance of the NBA’s power is dandling by a thread thinner than Tayshaun Prince’s pinky fingers. While the media has largely ignored the NBA lockout relative to the 24/7 coverage applied to the NFL’s recent version , this is a much worse scenario with much higher stakes.

Pro hoops in the U.S.A. could be forever changing.

Will the NBA be forced to contract? Will player salaries decline to the point where international hoops becomes a much more sensible option? Could we be looking at the absolute end of the NBA?

Time will tell on all of the aforementioned questions.

Right here and now Fisher has got to show the same leadership in the bargaining room as he does on the hardwood. He might hold the key to end the lockout but Fisher is certainly in a position to help pick the lock.

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