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To Win Series Lakers Must Disprove Lawson’s Law

Even as Laker fans we all know about Lawler’s Law. However after Game 2 of the Lakers-Nuggets series we’re learning about Lawson’s Law.

For those that don’t know longtime Clippers announcer Ralph Lawler’s theory on hoops states that the first team to 100 wins the game. Not always true but you’d better believe his law is right much more often than its proven wrong.

As for Lawson’s Law, well it’s somewhat similar to Lawler’s in that if Ty Lawson is allowed to push the tempo and push the Nuggets over the 100-point barrier then the odds of Denver winning increases. That wasn’t the case in Game 2 as Denver hit 100 on the nose yet still lost by four. However anybody who watched that game knows the Nuggets got a little too comfortable in playing their up tempo style of ball.

Now the real problem is that this series is headed to the Mile High City where Lawson will be energized by a rowdy home crowd eager to see some exciting hoops.

In Game 2 we saw the Lakers fall into Denver’s trap far too often. L.A. raced out to a big lead then gave a lot of it back once Lawson got his hands on the rock and just ran. Same thing happened again in the third quarter when a 19-point L.A. advantage disappeared at the quick feet of Lawson.

Safe to say trying to run with Lawson and the Nuggets is not something that benefits the Lake Show. Not with Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol killing it in the post and not with Kobe Bryant abusing the Nuggets in the half court.

The Lakers needs to get back to what worked in Game 1. By playing inside-out Denver is taken out of their comfort zone. During the regular season this was the exact recipe that worked for the Lakers both in Staples and the Pepsi Center and so too will it in the playoffs.

Problem is trying to resist the urge to run whenever the opportunity presents itself. We’re all looking at you, Ramon Sessions.

Not to single out the Lakers’ lead guard because he was far from alone in trying to out-pace the Nuggets. Just saying that the Laker vets have already talked to Session once about knowing when to walk it up and when to sprint for the hoop.

Now knowing Lawson’s Law is only half the battle. Not falling for the speed trap is where it gets difficult. Trying to tell a guy behind the wheel of a Skyline GT-R to play it cool when a Hemi big block is rumbling next to him at a red light is one thing. Getting him to lift his foot off the accelerator is quite another.

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