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Lakers To-Do List: Get Another Perimeter Scorer

The Los Angeles Lakers already boast of arguably the greatest perimeter scorer in the history of the game. Nobody has the total offensive package that Kobe Bryant has developed over the years. From his unlimited range to his ability to get into the paint and play with his back to the basket Bryant is the ultimate dynamic scorer.

Once upon a time you could marry Kobe’s talents with a legit low-post player and you had yourself the building blocks for a title team.

Not anymore.

As we learned this season the new look NBA features teams that are more and more reliant on perimeter players as opposed to the guys that do work in the paint. If this were the NBA of, oh, three years ago then the Andrew Bynum-Pau Gasol duo would have been enough to partner with Kobe for the quest to hang another banner. As we know that theory got burnt to a crisp by the speed and execution of Oklahoma City and their perimeter oriented attack.

Now the game might be going through a transition but it’s not going to completely change. Size is still supreme. It’s just that these days you’ve got to be able to stretch defense in order to free up space for the bigs.

A player like L.A. native and current Clipper Nick Young comes to mind as the type of player the Lakers could use. The ability to shoot from deep mixed with the talent to take defenders off the dribble is exactly what the Lake Show is lacking.

This is by no means a knock on Kobe as he’s still more than capable of breaking down an NBA defense with ease. All I’m saying is getting another player with similar abilities would stand to make life easier for Bryant. You saw what happened when Ramon Sessions was on his game. Kobe could finally breathe easier knowing he didn’t have to set the table and score. Imagine his relief when he can get another knock down shooter to kick the ball to.

Jason Kapono was supposed to be the Lakers’ three-point threat this past season. About the only thing the former Bruin threatened was Luke Walton’s seat at the end of the bench.

Truth be told the Kapono signing was a bad fit from the start. The Lakers don’t just need a shooter to camp out. They need a player that can hit open shots and create for themselves. Let’s just face it. This is a new era and the twin towers of L.A. are already outdated. Already there is plenty of talk concerning Gasol’s future as a Laker. He’s been traded once for a perimeter player so it wouldn’t be shocking if it happens again. Hopefully this time the trade will actually go through.

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  • GoJoeBruinUCLA

    Damn, so right. I was mad when they picked up Nick Young. Which is why I was CRUSHED when J.R. Smith thought it’d be cool to go to the Knicks as if everything was peachy there. That would’ve been such a good fit. 

  • Chris Shellcroft

     @GoJoeBruinUCLA The Michael Beasley moved you discussed could still work but he’s not the knock down shooter the team needs. Great in transition and solid off the dribble though. They just need to target a young player that isn’t getting much run right now to pickup on the cheap and develop on the fly.

  • shamrockpapa

     @Chris Shellcroft Please, we already have World, we don’t need another head case like Beasly.

  • shamrockpapa

     @GoJoeBruinUCLA We need YOUTH & SPEED in every position on the floor meaning Drew & Pau both need to be moved to get younger faster players….

  • shamrockpapa

    The Lake Show is in terrible shape, old, slow & overpaid…. Not one player on the team should be kept if he is over 24 years old. (Kobe when he see’s the team is really in the rebuild mode will request a trade to my guess NY Knicks & we should allow it as long as we get major value in return because for the Nicks his name alone means millions to them)  We need to look at OKC & do exactly what they did & maybe if e are really lucky we can begin to win again by 2014.

  • Chris Shellcroft

     @shamrockpapa I feel you. I’m no fan of Beasley’s attitude but he’s got the type of talent this team needs. And I hear where you’re coming from. Mike Brown had a hard enough time with Metta so adding Beasley and mixing in more Baby Bynum could be a disaster.

  • honestyntruth1942

     @Chris Shellcroft Plus the really big problem fan’s don’t like to admit is the payroll. As I had said many times, they are paying for a Rolls Royce & getting a V.W. At the rate they are now the payroll will be close to $150,000,000.00 by 2014 with no next super star to take over for Kobe… The team needs a replacement for Kobe to begin to settle in & that’s another reason for the re-building, Kobe is more about rings then anything, well money now that his X took so much & that makes the Knicks the place for him when he finds out we are rebuilding. The Knicks need to come up with the goods for him because having him in the garden means millions & millions more…. (We DO NOT WANT CARMELLO) We need YOUNG super stars of the future like K. Irving, let the Knicks put together a three team deal using Carmello & Lee as bait to get us what we need…

  • carlosatUCLA

     @shamrockpapa Both of them? You’re crazy, dude.
    The league is still about size. I dare you to try and run a squad that has nothing but guys 6’9” and under. It can’t happen. The only way it’ll work is if you have three superstars, and this Laker team isn’t getting two additional superstars in exchange for Drew and Pau.
    Now, if we’re talking about getting some size in exchange, well, now we’re talking. But who? Bynum is just as young and talented as Dwight. Pau isn’t going to net us a top PF unless the Heat are eliminated, at which point we have a TINY shot at Chris BOsh.

  • carlosatUCLA

     @honestyntruth1942 I think your’e talking about trading Kobe, which won’t happen: Kobe has a no-trade clause on that WTF contract of his, meaning if Kobe’s going to move on, he’s going to have to ask to be amnestied. 
    We aren’t getting Kyrie Irving. Dan Gilbert is stupid, he’s not that stupid. We need Kupchak to somehow savvy his way into another deal involving a sign-and-trade with Deron Williams. People are saying this is unlikely, but no one’s considering a three team deal involving Houston, which has more desirable assets for a rebuilding-ish Brooklyn team, while Houston also wants Pau (for whatever reason that is; they’re not bright down there, in Texas). 

  • carlosatUCLA

     @shamrockpapa We can win again now, and I already said that there’s no way Kobe will be traded. It’s amnesty or bust.

  • honestyntruth1942

    You can talk about all you want about players but the bottom line is MONEY & the Buss family is NOT going to pay $150,000,000.00 for what they have…. They need to get younger, faster & a hell of a lot cheaper….. NO I never said trade Kobe, I said when he finds out the team is in a real re-building mode he will want a trade & the best place for him would be the Knicks & then I said let the Knicks find the players for the Lakers to get back…. I would suggest however that Mellow be shipped to the Cav’s & Irving to LA & so on…. Drew & Pau also need to be moved as does World & McRoberts & so on… The team NEEDS A FUTURE SUPOER STAR & need one now to prepare for the future without Kobe….

  • carlosatUCLA

     @honestyntruth1942 A lot of stuff you said there. Thing is, super stars don’t exactly grow on trees, and it’ll be even harder to find supoer stars, too. 

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