5 Things That Can Go Right This Season

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There hasn’t been a season in recent memory with such a wide range of opinions on how the Lakers will perform. You have former Laker Ron Artest proclaiming a trip to the Finals and internet pundits predicting a 12th place finish in the Western Conference.


No one knows what will happen.


There are so many factors that will determine the Lakers’ season. Will Kobe come back as himself? Can Gasol return to the form of three years ago? Will any of the team’s new additions pan out? Will the West be weakened from previous years?


The only consensus seems to be that the Lakers won’t win the title this year.


That may be the case, but regardless, this is one of the team’s most important seasons. The Lakers have the opportunity to rebrand themselves, re-establish their identity and develop momentum for the 2014-2015 season. They will have the cap space to acquire big name free agents.


A few things can go right this year that will begin the process of returning the Lakers to their rightful place atop the NBA.

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