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ESPN ranks Lakers 77th in ultimate franchise ratings

Despite winning back-to-back titles just 3 years ago, the Lakers recent fall from grace has been rough, highlighted by the infamous flame out last season. By most accounts, the Lakers are still one of the most prestigious franchises in all of sports, but according to ESPN’s Ultimate Team Rankings, they are far from it.


Of 122 teams across America’s four major leagues (NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL), the Lakers came in a whopping 77th. While Lakers fans, and many sports fans, will raise a gripe, they back it up with at least a little bit of math. While they come in 16th in likelihood of winning a title in our lifetime, 39th in terms of ownership, and 58th in fans relations, they come in 111th in coaching, 107th in affordability, and 104th in “bang for the buck.”


The Lakers certainly haven’t had the greatest success in recent years, but the 77th ranking seems incredibly harsh. The 111th ranking in coaching is equally harsh on Mike D’Antoni’s case. While he may not be the greatest tactical genius, he isn’t the 111th in terms of coaches.


What do you think Lakers Nation? Are the Lakers the 77th best franchise in America?

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