LSL's 2013-14 Lakers Preseason Roundtable

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What will the Lakers record/seeding be for 2013-14?


Brian Booth (@bbooth248)I’ll say 45-37, with the 7th seed in the conference, but I’m probably being overly-optimistic. They now have a full training camp under MDA, and players are so far healthier this year (with one notable exception). The Lakers already have a better preseason record than last year (not much of an accomplishment), but what got my attention the most is the reports of all involved that the chemistry on this year’s squad is 100 times better than last year. That is HUGE, as we all know what happened with last year’s “chemistry”.

Mike Garcia (@CanyonDriver) - 30-52.  It’s a low projection, but the Lakers’ best players are not 100%.  Gasol doesn’t have his legs completely under him, Bryant isn’t done with rehabilitation for his injuries, and Nash remains a question mark in terms of health and minutes played.  Throughout the preseason, the team has shown great energy from multiple players, but no definitive #1 or #2 options on offense or offensive sets with a high success rate.  While it is just preseason, the answer to those questions were far more evident from opposing teams.

Blair Hicks (@robeson5504) - It all depends on how soon Kobe comes back and how effective he’ll be but I think the Lakers will win 50 games. The Western Conference is much weaker than in years past and the projected best teams – The Clippers, Thunder, Grizzlies, and Rockets are going through significant transitions that will lead to more losses than expected. The Lakers will have to beat up on the mediocre and bad teams. I’m concerned about their team defense and rebounding but those are issues that can be shored up. Playing Pau Gasol and Chris Kaman together for extended minutes will improve both areas enough to get by. If the Lakers can get Kobe back to around 80 percent, they will have enough scoring to beat the good teams consistently. Very few pundits think much of the Lakers roster but there’s talent there and most of them are fighting for their careers, which I think will bode well. Nick Young and Xavier Henry getting to learn from Bryant will be immeasurable. In the playoffs the Lakers will be dangerous if healthy.

Valerie Morales -  Though it may seem overly generous, it is possible for the Lakers to win 47 games (6th seed). I am basing this entirely on their offense, and of course Kobe’s and Pau’s health. The Lakers are ten deep and seven of the ten on any given night can score in double figures. They have more athleticism on the wing which should result in fast break points after turnovers. They have good chemistry and share the ball so they should do pretty well as far as assists go. In Kobe, Swaggy P., and Xavier, they have guys who can create their own shot. Pau, Kobe and Kaman can score in the post. Shawne, Nash, Jodie, Nick, Xavier and Jordan F. can pull up and shoot. They like playing together so they are going to play hard every night for each other. Their losses will be because of their defense. Pick and roll and dribble penetration by guards is where they are the most vulnerable. They take a lot of threes but have a limited number of offensive rebounders. They don’t have a shot blocker. Because their passing is sometimes careless, they have significant issues in transition defense.

Oct 25, 2013; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers guard Jordan Farmar (1) drives the ball while defended by Utah Jazz guard Lester Hudson (6) during the fourth quarter at Honda Center. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Utah Jazz 111-106. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Caleb Cottrell (@Caleb_Cottrell) - I believe the Lakers will go 37-45. This season is definitely going to be a struggle for the Lakers. No one knows when Kobe will be back, Nash might not play the second night of double-headers all season, and Gasol has been affected by injuries, as well. Not only will injuries play a big role, but this Lakers team is going to be atrocious on the defensive end. Sure, the team chemistry is going to be better than last season, and the offense might be better, but as they say, defense wins championships.

Colin Lopez (@colinRlopez) - I see the Lakers going 45-37 like they did last season, assuming Kobe returns before Christmas. I think the Lakers are going to surprise some people with their improved chemistry and dedication to running Mike D’Antoni’s system. I expect the collection of young athletes to really help the Lakers transition defense and offense. This team should be much more fun to watch than last year’s squad and has a bench that can actually help provide a boost. If Kobe is out for an extended period of time, the Lakers future is much more bleak.

Jacob Rude (@JacobRude) - It’s not going to be a good record. This team will be fun to cheer for, but they won’t be good. The offense could be fun, but the defense will be atrocious. You can argue it’s the preseason, but the defense was everything but impressive. If I had to predict an exact record, .500 would be realistic. I’ll say 38-44. And that seems like a best-case scenario.

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