A Scout's Eye: Kobe Bryant

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I do not claim to be a scout, but there are certain things I do see on a basketball floor that are a bit more refined.  After paying attention to roughly 60 NBA draft prospects per year for the past ten years, examining scouting reports, recognizing the timing, behavior, and habits of players, it is something that gets easier with time.

My expectations for Kobe Bryant were low.  I was not expecting a double-digit game, anything near 40% from the field, or any kind of refined isolation play.  During Laker practices, multiple teammates have noted how much more of a playmaker he has been of late, distributing to teammates.  I think he recognizes the energy and flow of the team offensively, and desperately wants to keep up that kind of momentum.  It also allows his body to recover at a different rate, testing it from one possession to the next with minimal negative consequences.

But, this is what I saw on the floor.

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