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Jim Brown calls out Kobe Bryant's place in American culture

We often see greatness recognize greatness, across all sports. We’ve seen Kobe Bryant tweet out respect to those like Peyton Manning or Floyd Mayweather. Many retired players are often all-too-eager to give credit to the current generation of stars, which is why Jim Brown’s interview on Arsenio Hall’s show was all the more bizarre.


Brown is considered one of the greatest NFL running backs of all-time. He’s a Hall of Famer and among the elites in football history. But when he was asked about Kobe Bryant, a whole wave of seemingly pent up anger came out at the Lakers guard. Our friends over at Lakerholicz dug up the video of Brown’s interview, where he was initially asked about Bryant’s return. Brown’s response was, well, weird.


He threw Shaq under the bus. And he is somewhat confused about culture, because he was brought up in another country So he doesn’t quite fit with what’s happening in America.


Kobe Bryant the un-American? That certainly came out of left field. Brown would go on to talk about former “summits of great black athletes” he partook in, with greats like Muhammad Ali. Saying if he were to call one again, Bryant would be among the list of those he would leave out.


Bryant certainly can’t please everyone, but the “accusations” seems bizarre at worst. No one has questioned Bryant’s patriotism, and it’s silly to argue otherwise. While he did grow up in Italy, Bryant moved back to America as a pre-teen and has lived here ever since. To consider him NOT one of the most prominent and greatest current black athletes would be just as silly.


As for the “throwing Shaq under the bus” comment? We’ll just wait for Mr. Brown to come back from 2004.


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  • Patrick C.

    I don’t think the author of this artitle has a clue to what Mr. Brown is say because of his lack of understanding of the culture that Mr. Brown is discussing. The interview is not weird or confusing, it’s misunderstood by Jacob Rude. Please don’t let people that don’t understand one culture make comments on what someone has said about their culture.
    Mr. Brown is merely saying that Kobe may be black on the outside but he is not black within his soul. He has not lived under the struggle of blacks in this country. And that black people who struggle to work towards the advancement of blacks is something Mr. Bryant had no understanding. If Mr. Bryant was for the advancement of blacks he would have found a way to make things work with him and Shaq.

    • Doc G

      Huh…. Im sorry how can anyone make a judgement on another man and state someones Blackness or soul. I mean honestly. Give us an example on how Kobe Bryant dont understand the advancement of blacks lol lol.

      • Deshawn Adams

        He can’t that’s why you didn’t get an example lmao. Kobe keep doing your thing or yo thang for the youth, the hell with Original Gangstas. Talking about Black Culture but staring in voilent movies.

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