NBA Trade Rumors: 10 Deadline Deals the Lakers Could Make

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With the Lakers fully embraced in tank mode and the team quickly falling apart, they are likely to be involved in the trade deadline, most obviously as sellers. A team sunken too far to recover, the Lakers have no reason NOT to abandon ship and deal away their best remaining talent to the highest bidder. With a summer of change on the horizon, many of the current Lakers won’t be back next year, meaning the Lakers have an opportunity to get something out of the impending free agents rather than nothing if they walk away during free agency.


The problem lies in the talent level of the Lakers. They don’t have many tradeable assets, hence their abysmal record. What the Lakers do have will only net them marginal gains. But as stated, something now is better than nothing in a few months. Pau Gasol will remain the team’s most valued asset, but also one of the most difficult to move considering his enormous contract. Other key role players who have outplayed their current worth are going to be sought after, but what could they realistically give in return?


Let’s crack open the ESPN NBA Trade Machine and find out. We’ll rate each trade with the likelihood of it happening as well.

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  • LOU

    the gms in the final trade would have to be on CRACK! No way any of those franchises would trade those players in that trade for any laker not wearing 24. And i highly doubt Mitch or any gm could pull that one off

  • Marty Susman

    We keep hearing about Nash & Kobe & Gasol & the rest of the playing injured but none of this has anything to do with the future of the L.A. Lakers & it’s massive dedicated fan base… What I think needs to be chatted about is , “WHAT DO WE DO IN 2014 & 2015″ draft’s & free agent class ?

    First off we need to trade Gasol NOW for draft picks or package him with players like Blake, Johnson, Meeks, Young, or “anyone on the roster not called Kobe” IN ORDER TO GET FIRST ROUND PICKS AS WELL AS FUTURE SUPER STUDS..We should NOT sign any player to more then a one year deal unless that players name is Love, Irving, Monroe, Harrison Barnes, Dion Waiters, Wall, Lillard, Klay Thompson or a few others, for sure forget some retread over say 26 or so other teams don’t want….

    Prepare for the signing of GREAT free agents in 2915 by finding a coach that is respected not the high school guy we now have on board. We need a coach that will “attract” great players like Doc Rivers, not a coach like ours that will chase them away. The best concept I can think of is to have Phil & ??? as joint coach’s with Phil being the home coach & the ??? the away coach, that would without doubt attract some pretty great future players….