Mar 27, 2014; Anaheim, CA, USA; Arizona Wildcats forward Aaron Gordon (11) dribbles against the San Diego State Aztecs during the first half in the semifinals of the west regional of the 2014 NCAA Mens Basketball Championship tournament at Honda Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Gordon Talks Los Angeles

Aaron Gordon, a Northern California native, had this to say about coming to Los Angeles for a workout.


L.A. is the next stop. That should be fun. The Lakers are a great program. It’s a traditional program, so I think the level of intensity will be way up.

If I ended up playing with Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, that would be absolutely insane.  I would want to know everything that they know. I’d be attached to Kobe at the hip. I’d be attached to him and Steve Nash. And if I don’t get picked by them, I’m going at them. Either way, it’s going to be fun.” - Slam Online

That enthusiasm says it all about Aaron Gordon.  The upside is all there.  He has the athletic ability, enough length, excellent basketball IQ, tremendous defensive skills, and the work ethic to back it all up.  In other drafts, he would be considered a top-5 pick on those qualities alone.

Mar 21, 2014; San Diego, CA, USA; Weber State Wildcats forward Joel Bolomboy (21) attempts a shot over Arizona Wildcats forward Aaron Gordon (11) in the first half of a men

That same enthusiasm may make him the perfect pick for the Lakers at #7.

There is talk of his upside being as great as Blake Griffin.  That may be optimistic, considering Griffin had 30lbs. more muscle and played with more of a power game in the paint.  A more approachable upside is a two-way version of David Lee, with better guard skills.  Some may say that’s hard to imagine, but David Lee won the dunk contest over James White at the McDonald’s All American Dunk contest.  Aaron Gordon has that kind of athleticism and body control.

If Gordon were to slip to the Laker pick, the team can’t help but respect his intelligence, unselfishness, commitment to defense, and work ethic at the gym.

Those, are the kind of qualities of a franchise player.  Why not have a guy willing to learn from two Hall-of-Famers in Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash?

That would be a tremendous start.

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  • DC

    I actually like Aaron Gordon. Shooting mechanics can be overhauled, but heart can’t be taught.
    His combination of length, intensity, athleticism, would make him a perfect fit next to Love (I know it’s not set in stone but…..), Love provides the shooting that a 3 should, Gordon is versatile enough to guard either a 3 or a 4 to cover Love’s deficiencies.
    If Vonley is gone, Gordon’s the best pick (assuming the guys picking 1-6 are not dumb enough to allow any from the Big 4 to slip to 7)

    • Mike Garcia

      I think of it this way. Of Gordon, Vonleh, Randle and Smart…
      1. He’s the youngest.
      2. He’s the best athlete, and uses it in games.
      3. He has the highest hoop IQ.
      4. He has a foundation of triple threat skills; above average ball-handling for a PF, passing for a PF (surprising A/TO ratio), and even 3pt shooting for a PF. Most can’t shoot 30%.

      That makes me think he has the highest upside of the four.

      • wangkon936

        No. Randle has 30lbs and an inch and a half over Gordon. Vonleh has five inches more on length, two inches in height and 25 lbs on weight and excellent shooting mechanics. They are both better than Gordon today and for the foreseeable future.

        • Mike Garcia

          Physical tools don’t always make the better player. Vince Carter had the explosiveness. McGrady had the wingspan. Kobe was better than both on both ends of the floor. Work ethic.

          • wangkon936

            Yes, but Kobe’s physical tools (except hand size) were much above average for his position (shooting guard). Max vertical of 38 inches, wingspan 6-11, standing reach 8-9.

            There are a zillion hungry, eager, full of heart, full of work ethic individuals that desperately want to play in the NBA but lack the prerequisite physical skills to do so. The D-League and leagues in Eastern Europe and Asia are full of them. Very, very, very few of them are in the NBA stateside.

  • wangkon936

    “A more approachable upside is a two-way version of David Lee, with better guard skills.”

    Hahaha… no.

    The best comparison to Aaron’s game (right now) is Kenneth Faried. I would add some Youtube links if Fanside allowed it… :P

    • Mike Garcia

      Except the muscle, lateral quickness, and the fact that Gordon has a foundation of triple-threat skills and Faried doesn’t. Doesn’t make sense to me. You’re looking at motor only.