Feb 25, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Paul Gasol (16) is guarded by Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert (55) at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Lakers Trade Rumors: Roy Hibbert a trade target?

There have been many names linked with the Lakers in their attempt to move the #7 pick prior to the NBA Draft. One of the higher profile names being linked to them is a former All-Defensive 2nd team member and 2x All-Star.

According to Sean Deveney of Sporting News, the Lakers and Pacers may be discussing a trade involving Roy Hibbert:

There has been much speculation about what the Lakers will do with the No. 7 pick, most notably get involved in a Kevin Love-to-Golden State deal as a third team, in hopes of netting Klay Thompson. But as the Warriors have now resisted giving up Thompson in a deal involving Love — and probably won’t budge from that stance — the Lakers will have to consider other options.

Rumors have cropped up that the Lakers would move their pick to the Sixers for Michael Carter-Williams or send it to Indiana in a deal for Roy Hibbert. Neither scenario has been seriously considered, however.

This is certainly a blockbuster deal, but likely not a realistic one. Hibbert is coming off a horrible second half of last season and his price isn’t too high. It’s unlikely the Lakers would deal the 7th pick for him unless they were strongly committed to winning a title before Kobe Bryant retires.

The deal becomes more interesting if the Pacers take the dead weight that is Steve Nash‘s contract, but even then, the Lakers don’t have enough room to bring in a player like LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony unless they agree to a substantial pay cut. Even more, Hibbert has a huge player option for 2015-16 that could severely cut into the Lakers cap space and ability to spend on a free agent like Kevin Love.

Would you like to see Hibbert as a Laker?

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  • p.rob.

    Leave that Garbage Center in Indiana, I’m sure Bird would love 2 DUMP that garbage on the Lakers doorstep..NoNoNo!!JIM B.

  • Lucas

    Hell no! Hibbert is ass!

  • thomas rickard

    The only people making it a rumor is fansided, why would we want their garbage, why are they trying to get rid of him, stop , enough is enough, make up a new rumor

  • Nate Kenny

    As a Pacers fan there is nothing you can give us for Roy Hibbert. Everybody thinks Hibbert is trash because of 1 half of 1 season. He is vital to the Pacers system moving forward and Bird doesn’t plan on letting him go. He is working out and talking with hall of fame centers during the off season and will be ready to go next year. The Lakers are going nowhere for at least 2 more seasons because without Bron or Melo (and lets face it neither will happen) there is simply nowhere near enough talent on your current roster to even get a .500 record in the tough west. Let alone grab a playoff spot. Consider paying your players less.

    • Carl Cockerham

      As a Pacers fan, you can keep Hibbert. He never was a superstar. The Lakers need Marcin Gortat anyway.

      • Computer Networking

        Even gortat is a good player, signing him would set the lakers back. Bring ariza back, sign rashard lewis, trade nash and the 7th pick to philly for carter Williams and the 10th pick, resign gasol to play with kobe for the next couple of years and let’s make the players.

      • Nate Kenny

        Don’t you mean as a Lakers fan? And btw who EVER said Hibbert was a superstar. I think your statement about him never being a superstar is about as obvious as it gets /:

        • Carl Cockerham

          I meant you, as a Pacer fan, can have him. I don’t want him. I want Gortat.

    • Computer Networking

      Wow. That hurts, but I’m looking at it a different way. I would want hibbert. If the lakers could get him and team him up with bosh or resign gasol, that gives the lakers a solid 3.

      • Matt Williams

        At least you’re not saying sign Melo. Hibbert is still a great player. Something must have happened to him the second half of last season for him to decline. Maybe he needs a new environment. We should embrace that.

  • J Taylor

    Wow, the writer is quoting a FanSided article that everyone ridiculed as baseless.
    When will modern media find accountability?
    - Jacob Rude: (-1) Creditability Points and a shame to reporting.

  • Buddy guy

    Noooooool!!!!! The o’s in noooooo are Roy’s point and assist numbers!

    • Dat Nigga Vince

      boards, not assists

  • rauljg

    NO! 0 points multiple times throughout the playoffs in the creampuff eastern conference.