Draft Match Up: Marcus Smart vs. Elfrid Payton

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It’s just two more days until the NBA Draft.  We’ve speculated on LakeShowLife about what the Lakers’ draft list looks like.  Julius Randle seems like the most obvious pick that may be available.  If, by chance, another team choose Julius Randle, there are two point guards that have stood out from multiple workouts from other teams, including the Lakers.  The two players are Marcus Smart and Elfrid Payton.

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  • J Taylor

    Is this really an article? The writer should be ashamed of pandering and “pay by click” writers are the scourge of the media world. There is NO WAY the team spends it’s #7 pick on Payton when there is MUCH better talent available. Payton did well in a small conference against shorter competition, Smart proved he will be a contributor in the NBA.

    Payton is selected IF:
    1) A PG isn’t taken with the #7 Pick
    2) The Lakers find a way to acquire an additional pick in the draft.

    If Julius Randle (aka T-Rex) is the selection, it would mean that Embiid, Exum, Smart, Vonleh, Gordon, and any trade were not possible. College guys with no hops, short arms, no right handed shot, and who made their living bullying high school and college guys are busts in the NBA.

    • wangkon936

      I agree w/your assessment of Randle. If the Lakers select him this pick will have Jim Buss’ stinky name written all over it.

  • p.rob.

    Get Marcus Smart, you don’t pass on a 6’3 227lb PG like this who plays Defense gets to the rim,and has the mental toughness never back down attitude..hmm sounds like he would fit perfect with the Mamba!

  • wangkon936

    Elfrid’s shot is UGLY…

  • Zahria

    easy take payton pass first PG’s are rare now days