Apr 6, 2014; Miami, FL, USA; New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony (center) stands between Miami Heat center Chris Bosh (left) and Miami Heat forward LeBron James (right) during the second half at American Airlines Arena. Miami won 102-91. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Lakers Rumors: Free Agency Plan B includes Bosh/Melo

The obvious plan A for not just the Lakers but all teams this off-season would be landing LeBron James, who is arguably the best player in the league. The pipe dream sees James paired with Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant next season in purple and gold, with titles certainly to follow.

However, despite James showing in the past that he isn’t against making a high-profile switch, it’s not something teams can realistically plan on. For the Lakers, Plan B could still be considered most team’s plan A, still a great duo to pair together for the future.

Chris Bosh has not informed the Heat of his decision yet, but most suspect he will opt out to measure his worth on the free agency market. After opting out, anything is possible, and a front court that features Bosh and Melo would be one of the elite front courts in the league. However, it remains even more uncertain than a LeBron/Melo pairing considering Bosh hasn’t even opted out.

The Lakers have nearly $30 million in cap space this summer and are looking to lure in one of the big names that will be on the market. Whether it be James, Anthony, or Bosh, the Lakers hope to bring in at least one before setting their sites on Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and others next summer.

What do you think, Lakers fans, would Bosh and Melo be enough to win a title with?

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  • p.rob.

    Clarkson PG, KobeSG, Bosh C, RandlePF, Melo SF ..yea could really have a shot at winning ring in 2015-16 , but might need 2014-2015 season to jell.

  • MIchael G

    I doubt LeBron is leaving. But Melo is. What make more sense is to give Melo a max deal and bring back Gasol. You can likely get him cheaper than Bosh and if healthy he is better than Bosh anyway, and wants to play in LA and with Kobe, as long as he can see they have a chance to be a winner. He’d like to ride out KB’s last go-round with him. Sign him for two years, same as Kobe. Dump Nash contract. Melo-Kobe-Gasol-Randle as a big four and then you sign Kyle Lowry to a solid contract, bring back Nick Young for 2-3 years, he offered a discount if they would do it. And get the best available of group of Meeks-XHenry-Hill-Farmar-Bazemore-Kelly to return and you have a solid bench. Most everyone but Melo, Randle, Lowry and Nick Young sign up for 2 years to get it done with KB if they can. When KB, Gasol end their run, their deals expire and you have $$ for a max player to pair with Carmelo, Randle, and Lowry for next gen run for a few more years. Oh, and sign BScott as coach. Problem solved. Lakers back on top and a contender for years. Mitch: mail me a check.

    • cyborgspider

      You get a free gift in the mail if you tell them HOW to dump the Nash contract this offseason without giving up Julius Randle.

      • MIchael G

        well, Mitch has to earn some of his money without my help. But one could theorize that if we re-sign a Bazemore or a Meeks or another young talent at a modest price, teams seeking to shrink their cap in two years might see value in adding a cheap quality youngster they could keep a few years, taking a one-year cap hit, and then getting a big amount of relief a year later. depends i would think on how folks are positioning for two years from now, but it is not out of the realm of possibility. I’m also not clear what happens if we do dump him and he then retires, what kind of break that team does, or does not, get. but as I said, perhaps Mitch’s capologists can do this part of the job for me. i’ve already given them the rest of the blueprint.

    • Rangers

      That is a comical lineup. Little amount of perimeter defense, wing defense, and who’s protecting the rim? Lmao

      How about this (more realistic $$ and win value): sign Eric bledsoe ( suns drafted another pg, they may let him go), sign ariza (elite defender/3pt shooter and reasonably cheap), and greg Monroe (pistons can’t afford to keep him).


      Resign hill, young, Johnson, and sign varejau. Go along with sacre/clarkso and you have a solid bench.

      • MIchael G

        Bledsoe is restricted FA and u can’t get him without way overpaying, and Detroit is keeping Monroe. U argue for a defense first lineup which is great for being a winning team generally, but the team u list won’t come close to a title or even getting out of the West, and then in two years it has no stud to build around and pair with another max FA after KB leaves. Heat won with three studs and team defense and little shot blocking at rim. Spurs win with unstoppable offense scheme and team defense, but no dominant rim protector. Serge Ibaka has no rings. Bulls have no rings with or without DRose as their sole attacker. I’m all for keeping Hill, XHenry, Meeks, Sacre if you can and having strong defenders on bench, but truth is championship D will come from having a dominant offensive team, well coached, with high IQ and good principles. If they have three guys in KB, Melo, and Gasol that will be a load when not doubled, and u can’t double them all, and u slow the game down, take quality shots, and great rebounding, and stop giving the other team run outs after jacking up long threes all day, you will score and make other team play from behind, you will control pace, and u will usually limit them to one shot. Thus, the “comical” lineup you chuckle at will have a better chance at success than the second round and out team you suggest. And it will also leave the Lakers suited to load up again when contracts of KB, Gasol, and Nash are off books after two years of trying this “comical” approach.

        • Rangers

          Didn’t see this earlier, but you’re extremely wrong. Where shall I start? Bledsoe/ariza are very good defenders that can’t score on cuts/drives.

          Spurs won with the best wing defense along with the most underrated defensive player ever in tim duncan (95 def rtg).

          Heat won with 4 hall of famers on a team in a weak era

          Rose got injured, thus bulls were not the same.

          You want a team that can’t win now with no future players. I offer a good team now with great young talent

          • MIchael G

            I love Bledsoe, Ariza, and would have loved to see them get Lowry, a solid pt. guard defender. but you clearly didn’t understand my point. as you see from where LAL is heading with a chance for Melo, KB, Gasol, plus Randle right now (we’ll see if it comes to fruition, but that is what they are trying to do anyway), the notion is to control PACE of a game and be an excellent rebounding team that shoots a high percentage. my comments about recent spurs/heat champions were that none of them had, specifically, a dominant shot-blocker, per se, and that what made them ‘special’ was not their defensive schemes or being a defensive ‘first’ team, though both played excellent TEAM defense overall. rather, what made them special was their offensive schemes controlled pace, limited opposition to one shot, mitigated run outs, and clogged up the middle generally, which allowed them to pressure ball and play great team defense in half-court set. i’m arguing that with KB, Melo, and Gasol, if coached well, and if healthy, teams will constantly find themselves mismatched. thus, LAL will shot high percentage and play a half- court game and get back on defense and not give up the kind of running displays we saw with D’Antoni was coach. Further with Gasol, Melo, and Randle up front ,and if they can manage to get Jordan Hill back as the first big off bench, they will be an excellent rebounding team and all get lots of putbacks and and-ones. other teams will not be running on them with impunity. great attack guards, LBJ will, of course, get to the rim periodically, as the do against everyone. great shooters and the Durants, et al, will score on them, of course, as they do on everyone. but that won’t matter LAL will rarely be outscored by such teams cuz they will score at such a high clip, dominate boards and control pace. teams will be exhausted and frustrated trying to score in the half court on them by 4th quarter. that is how Spurs win with defense, not cuz Timmy is some kind of Bill Russell. he’s a great fundamental defender and so are his teammates. but he is not a dominant shot blocker. and he doesn’t need to be. control pace. control boards. clog middle generally. shoot a high percentage. have multiple players that other teams have to double or triple and stay healthy and don’t have an idiot for a coach and you will be a serious threat. even if you don’t have Trevor Ariza on the team and merely have to ‘settle’ for Carmelo Anthony. we’ll see if they pull it off and get him and if they do, we’ll know in about a year if my theory is correct. your approach ,as I said, won’t win a championship next couple years, I can guarantee that. and LAL are all about winning. now. esp. after the hell of last year. let’s revisit this next year depending on how free agency winds up.

  • wangkon936

    We need a plan C. It will be hard to get any of these top names as the Lakers have so few assets to entice these players to come. 2015 will be a great FA year also. We should shoot for 2015. The quick fix isn’t always the best path.

  • Pat

    So Jim Buss is going to deliver the Lakers both LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony.
    This writer needs a reality check.
    Ever since Jim Buss assumed the role of head of Lakers Basketball Operations there have been no major acquisitions only failures.
    Dwight Howard leaving the Lakers in Free Agency. Hiring Mike Brown and later Mike D’Antoni to coach the Lakers and watching Phil Jackson leave the Lakers inner circle to Manage the New York Knicks. Finally paying Kobe Bryant, a past his prime superstar who has a ton of miles on him, a salary that has no regard for the NBA salary cap, to a team whose only chance of competing in the West is to attract multiple top Free Agents with max level deals.