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Lakers shine, Suns meltdown in 4th quarter


Here is a concept that is hard for Steve Nash apologists like J.A. Adande to understand:

MVPs are made in the postseason.

More specifically…

MVPs are made in the clutch moments of the postseason.

Take the 4th quarter of Game 2 in the Western Conference Finals for example.

When both the Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns needed their MVPs most, Kobe Bryant out Nash’d the two-time MVP himself. With control of the seven game series on the line, this game was actually tied at 90 a piece when the final 12 minutes began to tick off the clock.

How a close contest finished in a 124-112 Lake Show victory is a story of two MVPs.

Nash has two MVPs and so does Kobe if you count that one piddly Finals MVP trophy sitting on Mamba’s mantle.

KB24 posted a very Nash-like 21 points and 13 assists with just 2 turnovers. All night long, Mamba dimed Pau Gasol as the Spaniard dropped a game high 29.

Nash, on the other hand, helped to engineer a 4th quarter collapse the weight of which has sucked the Suns into a black hole. Sure, Adande apologist types will reference his 11 points and 15 dimes. People who actually watched the game will remember his 5 turnovers, 3 of which occurred in the final frame.

That sound you hear is the curtain dropping on Steve Nash and his JV legacy.

Here come the excuses.

Nash didn’t have Lucky #7 on his team. Right, Amar’e?

Lamar Odom did it again. Every time he rolls, LO is hitting his number. Another game, another double-double…yawn…

Amar’e Stoudemire must measure luck in rebounds. Sure, STAT is outscoring Lamar 20 to 18 per game, but Odom is beasting the boards on Amar’e at a rate of 15 to 4. Better to be lucky than down 2 games to none in a best of 7, right Amar’e?

Oh and that Phoenix bench that was supposed to own the series got out scored 36-26 by the Bench Mob.

But we’re not talking about the supporting casts. We’re talking about the two MVPs.

As it stands: the guy with one MVP has his team up 2-0 while the guy with two MVPs might only have two more games to add to his playoff total 114 without a single minute of PT in the NBA Finals to show for his troubles.

Unless of course you count that measly Finals MVP trophy Kobe earned a year ago. In that case Kobe would have an equal number of MVPs to his name as Nash. Did I mention that meaningless trophy already?

Did I mention that the Lakers outscored Phoenix 34-22 in what could be the last 12 minutes of Western Conference basketball played at Staples Center?

You’ll forgive those members of the crowd in Downtown L.A. who departed early, they’re just in a rush to get their Finals tickets.

Nash apologists like Adande might not understand the concept of fans actually seeing an MVP play in the Finals. If you don’t know, the NBA Finals are where true MVPs are made.

Guess you could say Kobe is a made man…that is if you count that lil’ ol’ Finals MVP trophy in his collection.