Paul Pierce no longer welcome in Los Angeles


Proving the age old adage that you can’t go home again, Inglewood native Paul Pierce opened his arrogant mouth and got his L.A. pass revoked. The man who grew up a mere stone’s throw away from the Fabulous Forum is no longer welcome in his hometown after his misled comments about Lakers fans.

"“Well, the fans at home cheer for us, the fans here don’t,” Pierce said. “I mean, I’m not at enough Laker games to really tell you how their fans are. I’m more biased really to tell you how their fans are. I’m more biased knowing that our fans are, I want to say, I think a little bit more knowledgeable to the game. I think a lot of celebrities come here to get out of the house to watch a game, to see the other celebrities. But then you’ve got your fans to mix with them. It’s an interesting crowd, whereas I think our fans really come to watch the actual game.”"

For the record, the city of Los Angeles has always supported Pierce. When he chose to attend college in Kansas over one of the local schools, we wished him the best. When he was drafted by our hated rivals in Boston we stood behind him. Even after his wheelchair antics in ’08 we were proud to boast of yet another resident of the City of Champions fulfilling his basketball destiny despite it coming at the expense of the Purple and Gold.

I’ve got no problem with Pierce staying loyal to the fans that support him.  However, this is a bridge too far.

Doesn’t Pierce realize the ignorance in his statements? After all, he’s a Laker fan himself. Born and raised that way in fact.

Maybe Pierce has forgotten about all those Celtic fans showing up at the Garden with bags on their heads just a few years ago. If memory serves me correct, I even remember some of those fans actually chanting “MVP” for Kobe Bryant. Think a “less knowledgeable” L.A. crowd would ever cheer for a Celtic?

Of course, we Laker fans have never had to endure such horrendous basketball as Celtics fans have in recent years. That’s the way it works on this side of the map. You’ve actually got choices. If you want to see the best hoops on the planet then you get a Laker ticket. Should you prefer the Bill Simmons approach to b-ball masochism then you’d be more inclined to get some Clippers tickets.

I won’t even get into the reasons why arguing the knowledge of two loyal and faithful fanbases is ignorant. Let’s just say that when you support one of the two greatest franchises in sports history that your knowledge increases with each passing year. However, I’ll say this much – Laker fans know the difference between pretenders and contenders. Back in 2008, the Celtics were the contenders and it was the Lakers who were masquerading as champions. Today, things are much different. Pierce might not realize he’s playing for pretenders this time around but his desperate actions speak louder than his despicable words.

So go ahead, Paul.

Feel free to bash the L.A. crowd. Just know that if you climb into a wheelchair in Staples that you’re better off rolling right out of the city and never coming back. Guys like you give L.A. fans a bad name.  Never forget, Paul, you are an L.A. fan at heart. Too bad you’re no longer recognized as a native son.