Dwyane Wade Calls Lakers Favorites to Win Title…Duh

In what must have come as a shock to the LeBron groupies (Stuart Scott) at ESPN, Dwyane Wade actually proclaimed the two time defending world champion Los Angeles Lakers as the favorites to win the NBA title again next season.

“That’s the team that everyone’s shooting for and they should be. Not the Miami Heat. The Los Angeles Lakers.”

How foolish Wade is. Hasn’t he been paying any attention to the headlines? According to the experts, the Heat has already won the next 5 titles and LeBron James has surpassed Jesus Christ as the greatest human being to ever walk the planet.

If I’m Pat Riley, I’m ordering Wade to get psychiatric help immediately. Rational thoughts such as these are sure to derail all of the partying LeBron and RuPaul have planned during their tenure in South Beach Miami. God forbid the greatest team ever assembled should actually have to prove their worth instead of simply being anointed the greatest.

Of course, I’m not buying Wade’s game of possum here. Most likely D-Wade is just looking to score an invite to Ron Artest’s Championship party in NYC this Friday. No worries, Dwyane, you’re already on the guest list. Now, your boy LeBron on the other hand…well…I’d recommend he sit this shim dig out.