Sasha Vujacic is Out of Time


Thanks for the memories, Sasha Vujacic – all two of them. Those two throws you sank to seal the deal against Boston will always be remembered. But that DNP-CD you got the other night could be a recurring theme.

You got your contract. You have your rings. You’ve even got a tennis starlet ready to exchange vows. Now, you’ve also got a courtside seat at Staples with a worse view than Jack.

Give Vujacic credit, he parlayed one stellar post season into $15-million. Shooting 70% from downtown in the playoffs against Phoenix a few years back made us all think we had our own Slovenian Steve Kerr. There were also those 20-points in 28 minutes that prevented a possible sweep at the hands of the C’s back in ’08.

Aside from the aforementioned moments, the only other thing I’ll remember of Sasha is the Slovenian Civil War with Goran Dragic that nearly caused a Lake Show meltdown against the Suns. Oh and in case you didn’t notice, Dragic is nice and will one day earn a nice contract that he’ll most likely live up to. Sasha’s arrogance was rumored to be the reason he was booted off the Slovenian national team not too long ago.

How bad is it that a hoops crazed country doesn’t even want their most successful export on the roster?

Ok, it is early in the year and you can’t predict anything based on one game. Right, Miami?

But with Shannon Brown looking like he’s ready to put his name in the hat for 6th man of the year and Steve Blake sitting on a 4-year deal, the writing is on the wall. And the writing reads “see what happened to Vladimir Radmanovic”.

Thanks for the memories Sasha – all two of them. Hope you and Maria enjoy Charlotte.