Kobe, Besiktas Talks Back On?


As far as news stories that just won’t die this whole Kobe Bryant to Besiktas thing has a bit of a Jason Voorhees quality to it. We’re nowhere near Favre status on this ordeal but it is getting a little tired.

First Deron Williams blazed the trail to Turkey. Then Besiktas expressed interest in KB24. Next the rumors began flying. Kobe wants $1 million a month. Kobe has a meeting with Besiktas. Kobe is offended by the public approach the Turkish club has taken.

Before things could get too carried away Bryant came forward claiming he had not had any contact with the Turkish club in weeks.

So…here we are…again.

More talks of Kobe’s representation. More rumors of offers being made. However this time it feels a little different. According to the L.A. Times the two sides met on Thursday and were supposed to have another meeting on Friday.

Apparently Bryant wasn’t as put off by the club’s public pleas as initially thought.

So where exactly does that leave us?

At this point you’d have to say nowhere.

Bryant has expressed an interest in wanting to play overseas should the lockout cut into the regular season. No matter what Plaschke says Bryant should get some run in Europe or China or wherever he so chooses.

So there you have it. Until we rumor again…