Derek Fisher Can’t See Kobe Missing Christmas Opener


Derek Fisher has been there by Kobe Bryant’s side for most of his career. The two men entered the league the same year and aside from Fisher’s stops in Oakland and Salt Lake City the two have been teammates for most of their pro days.

Point being, whenever D-Fish shares an opinion on KB24 the world usually stops and listens. Few people know Bryant as well as Fish which is why his thoughts on Kobe’s wrist injury are particularly interesting if not obvious in some ways.

Fisher thinks Kobe will play on Sunday despite his injury. He spelled that out for the L.A. Times in very plain terms.

"“He’ll cut his wrist off and play with one before he misses Sunday.”"

Now Fisher shouldn’t be taken literally but it should be noted that Bryant was shooting and dribbling left handed yesterday. We’ve seen Kobe play with one hand before so it’s not too big a stretch to think he’ll do it again.

Bryant is a competitor unlike any other. All he cares about is winning. Whatever it takes Kobe does it which is why this latest injury is so frustrating. Kobe spent the extended offseason getting into prime shape after coming off an injury plagued season. Now disaster has struck before the curtain officially goes up on the 2011-12 version of the Lake Show.

Now if you take Fisher at his word then you might want to take it to the bank. At least that is what the Lakers captain says.

"“I’m not a gambling person. When I go to Vegas, I just visit family. If I were to go to Vegas and do something like that, I would probably bet he would play on Sunday.”"