Stick a Fork In the Lakers


Turn out the lights, the party is over. Feel free to insert whatever cliché you’d prefer, just make sure to check your expectations at the door.

We already knew the Lakers had no chance at winning a championship this season. Last year’s playoff exit proved that. We already knew the front office didn’t think this team had any chance of winning a title. The preseason trade that never was for Chris Paul proved that. We now know that the Lakers themselves don’t believe they have any chance at attaining the NBA crown. The last two road meltdowns have more than revealed that.

So, what’s next? Well it’s time to play the blame game, of course.

Mike Brown is finally calling out Kobe Bryant for his questionable shot selection. Problem is he’s enabled Mamba all season long, happy to lean on Bryant to do everything for this team to win against the likes of Cleveland. Now his criticism comes a dollar short and day date. It also comes one day after proclaiming Kobe to be an MVP candidate.

Andrew Bynum is finally admitting to “loafing” on the court on occasion. Thanks for that, Drew. Clayton Bigsby could see in your body language when you’re in the game and when you’re more concerned with your next shopping spree at Fry’s.

Even Luke Walton is chiming in on being buried at the end of the bench. Though Walton isn’t going full Hope Solo, that he would even voice his frustration says a lot.

It reveals how fractured this team is. How little direction is being given by the coaches and front office. How ineffective the leadership of Derek Fisher and Bryant has been this season. How far in over his head Coach Brown is. How far this team has fallen with no bottom in sight.

How much longer will this melancholy group of players remain content to do just enough to have a respectable record?

No matter what happens as we approach the trade deadline there is not a move out there to be made to salvage this season. Unless Dwight Howard is going to bring his bench with him then you can forget about a center swap being the move to make Los Angeles a title contender.

Unless Mike Brown is going to miraculously grow a pair and start holding players accountable then it won’t matter what kind of talent he’s coaching.

Hard to believe just a few days ago the Lakers looked like they’d turned the corner. Come to find out all they did was turn face first into a brick wall.

For all of the veteran experience on this team it is inexcusable to blow a 21-point, second half lead to an inferior team like the Wizards. But it happened.

For all of the battles the core of this team has gone through over the years it is unimaginable that they continue to struggle on the road. Yet it keeps happening.

At this point in the shortened season we’ve seen the Lakers for who they truly are. A team with three talented players, an overwhelmed head coach and an indifferent front office.  Thanks for everything guys, looking forward to see how you can top yourselves.